Rudal, Speed/Power Metal from Bandung, Indonesia

Rudal, Speed/Power Metal from Bandung, Indonesia
Rudal are Speed/Power Metal from Bandung, Indonesia. Formed in 1987 by Babon (Guitars), Dan Buzil’s (Bass), De2n Sanny (Vocals), Eka (Drums). They're Big 10 Finalist of Log Zhelebour Rock Festival on 1989. Lyrical themes about Social Criticsm. Current Line-Up: Babon (Guitars), Buzil (Bass). Roni (Guitars), Indra Jordison (Drums), and Annes (Vocals)
- "Darah Pusaka" on "10 Finalis Festival Rock Se - Indonesia Ke - V" Compilation Tape 1989 (Logiss Records)
Rudal Sliting the World

- Sliting the World (Type: Album. Released on 1993 by Nova. Format: Casssette)
Rudal Ambisi 2011

- Ambisi 2011 (Type: Demo. Released on 2011 via Danis Records. Format CD)

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