Chaos Plague, Progressive Death Metal from Italy

Chaos Plague, Progressive Death Metal from Italy

Chaos Plague, are Progressive Death Metal from Italy 

The band was born in 2006, created by Matteo, who used to live in Liguria and his friend Luca, our first vocalist, who lived in Lombardia. When Matteo moved to Mozzate(CO), he continued this ambitious project together with Stefano and Davide. After various difficulties, in 2009 the line-up was completed by Simone as solo guitar and Francesco as voice. In 2013 Simone and Francesco left the band and their place were took by Luciano Duca and Daniele Belotti. Chaos Plague's goal is to fuse '90s Death Metal together with extreme modern Metal. The band is also ispired by some jazz elements.....and Tear Down the Walls!!! Lyrical Themes: Nietzscheism, Existence, Death, Mind. Current Label: Revalve Records.
Current Line Up:
Daniele Belotti - Clean and Growl Vocals
Matteo Salvestrini - Bass and Backing Vocals
Davide Luraghi - Rythm Guitar
Stefano Tarsitano - Drums
Luciano Duca - Lead Guitar

- Virus (Type: Demo. Released Independently on 2010)

- Chaos Plague (Type: EP. Released Independently on January 3rd, 2012)

Existence Through Annihilation (Type: Album. Released on April 16th, 2015 via Revalve Records)

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