SO I SIN, Death/Thrash Metal from Austria

So I SIn Logo, Death/Thrash Metal from Austria
SO I SIN are Death/Thrash Metal from Austria. Formed on October 2005, the band has achieved great success. Already with their first demo(2006) they could gain an endorsement deal with the polish guitaramp manufactory Laboga, which is also endorsing such great bands as Behemoth, Dagoba, Vader etc. With this new power from Poland, SO I SIN were able to play national and international shows and festivals. Only one year later they released the EP "Craving For Desire" and were back on the road again to support bands like Hatesphere,Rage, Sepultura, Exodus, Debauchery, etc. on national and international gigs.
So I SIn Photo, Death/Thrash Metal from Austria

In 2010 it became much more quietly arround SO I SIN , because they had to regroup and find new members. Amongst others, SO I SIN used this time to record their new album. When the recordings were done, they could get no less person than ex-Hatesphere/The Kanditate singer and producer Jacob Bredahl to mix and master the songs in his Dead Rat Studios, who added unprecedented power to the sound. Lyrical Themes: Murder, Underhandedness, Hypocrisy, Problems with Drinking, Sexism. Current Line-Up: Joshy - Drums, Phillipp Annerer - Guitars (lead), Heinz - Guitars, Vocals, and Ralph - Bass.

So I Sin Demo 2006
- Demo 2006 (Type: Demo. Released Independently on 2006. Format: CD)
So I Sin Craving For Desire
- Craving For Desire (Type: EP. Released Independently on May 9th, 2007. Format: CD)
So I Sin Sichart
- Sichart (Type: Full Lenght Album. Released Independently on July 20th, 2013)

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