Асфодел, Symphonic Power Metal from Russia

Асфодел Asphodel
Асфодел (Asphodel) are Symphonic Power Metal from RussiaАсфодел means "Asphodel" a Eurasian plant of the lily family, typically having long slender leaves and flowers borne on a spike. Lyrical Themes: Fantasy. Current Line Up: Gweld Anobaith - All instruments, Yaroslav Rogachev - Vocals, Lyudmila Dorokhova - Vocals, Alissa Lisa - Vocals, and Anna Litvintseva - Vocals. Current Label: Existencial Delirium Records.

Асфодел Asphodel Тень Рапсодии
- Тень Рапсодии (Type: Full Length Album. Release on November 11th, 2015 via Existencial Delirium Records. Format Digital Download on Bandcamp)

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