Contrarian Polemic Album Reviews by Black Death Power Metal


Contrarian Polemic Album Reviews by BDP Metal

Contrarian Album “Polemic” is Best Progressive/Technical Death Metal Cover in 2015. Titan Marlin Fish Alien attacked by Galaxy Battleship on the Space, Artwork themes are Sci-fi, Space and War. The Artwork designed by Marco Hassmann. OK, Let’s Go.

                Polemic: Complex Drums composition and easy listening Guitar. This song describe the album title. Need for Apathy: I love the Guitar Solo of this song. Simple but excellent. Retrieval: Neoclassical Instrumental song. Foreknowledge: Good Guitar Riff, Groovy Tempo and Excellent Guitar Solo. This song ended by ambient sound. Foreknowledge is Excellent.
                Predestined: Complex, Groovy and have a Good Riff and Good Guitar Solo. Libertarian Manifesto: This’s simple Progressive Death Metal song. Diogenes at Delphi: Abstract Tempo, Complex and ended by good Guitar Arpeggio. Nothing is Everything: This’s Death (Official) song Covered by Contrarian. Contrarian version is more Modern than Death (Official).
Polemic from Contrarian remembering us like Death (Official) Album “Individual Thought Patterns.” Polemic Easy Listening Progressive Death Metal Album with Sci-fi Cover Art.
My Favorite Track from this Album: Polemic, Foreknowledge, Libertarian Manifesto, and Nothing is Everything.
Score: 96% Great Progressive Death Metal Album.

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