Detail from Valerian New Album "Stardust Revelation"

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Detail from Valerian New Album "Stardust Revelation"

The long-awaited debut full-length album from the Indonesian Melodic Power Metal, Valerian. Contains 10 songs, 59 minutes melodic metal to blow your ears. This Album Will release on 2016 via Interlude Records on CD. Cover Art by Sham Li. This's Detail from Valerian New Album "Stardust Revelation"
01. Awakening Of The Fallen One
02. Symphony of Endless Desire
03. In Your Hand
04. Stardust Revelation
05. Heroes Land Odyssey
06. Elegy Of The Unspoken Words
07. Sinner's Euphoria
08. My Everlasting
09. Glorious Anthem
10. The Triumphant
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