Foret D’Orient Venetia Album Reviews by Black Death Power Metal

 Foret D’Orient Venetia Album Reviews by BDP Metal

Venetia is Full Length Album  by Foret D’Orient, Symphonic Black Metal Band from Venice. Lyrical Themes of this Album about: Venetian Goddess, Battle of Lepanto, Venetian Nationalism, War between Italy and Venice-Austria, and Heroic Tale of Venetian Captain. Ok, Lets Go. And Check Our Reviews :v :v

                This album started by Epic Intrumental Symphonical Song “Sacrum Militare Oratorium” Listen this song feel live in Renaissance Age. The Duration only 01:58, but Epic. A Reitia, this’s 2nd track from this Album. This’s Melodic Black Metal song about Venetian Goddess, Reitia. Melodic Black Metal, Groovy Bass, with Great Classical Instrument. This’s song ended by Good Symphonic. Dal Mare alla Terra - Adhuc Viventi, this 3rd track from this Album. Dal Mare alla Terra - Adhuc Viventi talk about Venetian Sea Captain, Fransesco Morosini. This Track is more Fast than previous track. 02:32 until 02:48, Good Guitar Solo. 03:06 until 03:31 is Acoustic Guitar Part. 03:32 until 03:45 is Good Bass Solo. Dal Mare alla Terra - Adhuc Viventi, this song is Progressive Black Metal.
                Lepanto is 4th track of this Album. Lepanto talk about Battle of Lepanto between Ottoman Empire against Spanish Habsburg and their Alliance, include Republic of Venice.  Lepanto have a Good Composition and Progressive Black Metal Structure. Sogno de Vis is 5th track of this Album. Sogno de Vis is about a Sea Battle of the Italian Third Indipendence War, year 1866, in which the Italian reign of Savoy’s Family assaulted the Venetian territories (under the Austrian dominion in that period) to conquer and Venetian Land. Vis is the name of the Croatian island around which the fight took place, being won by the Austrian-Venetians against the Italians and it is a symbol of Venetian eternal will of freedom and reject towards the Italian Nation. I think Sogno de Vis is the track with Good Guitar Solo in this Album.
                Dominio da Mar is 6th Track of this Album. Dominio da Mar is a final compendium to the Venetian peoples, our Venetian Nation and our own Serenissima Republic which still lives on, despite all the violence and the hate thrown against us by the Napoleonics, Austrians and, especially, the Italians during these last 200 years. Dominio da Mar talk about Venetian Nationalism and Venetian Freedom Spirit. This’s song not Progressive like previous track, but this’s not bad. This song ended by Instrumental Symphonic song “Adagio in Sol Minore”. Although the instrumental song, this song describe Venetian Suffering under French Napoleon, Austrian, and Italian Goverment. They’re conquered Venice and to rob Venetian Freedom and Resource.
                Foret D’Orient Album “Venetia” talk about Venice Civilization. Listen this Album make Us live in Renaissance Age especially 19th century. Black Metal with Symphonic, Progressive Element and Classical Renaissance Music Style with Historical and Nationalist Lyrical Themes. This’s Venetia, Renaissance Black Metal Album. Really I want post on previous post about Foret D’Orient, Symphonic Black Metal Band from Italy. But, I fearful make they’re (Venetian) Angry. Cause, Venetian Nationalism Spirit. They’re will split from Italy and Venice Older than Italy. Ok, stop. I willn't talk about Politic :v. But this’s Masterpiece Black Metal Album from Venice.
Score: 100. This’s Masterpiece.

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