Bloodlash Rain EP Reviews by BDP Metal

Bloodlash Rain EP Reviews by BDP Metal, Bloodlash Rain Reviews

 Bloodlash Rain EP Reviews by BDP Metal

BDP Metal – Rain is 2nd EP, from Bloodlash, Progressive Post Metal Band from Mexico. This EP released on December 22nd, 2015 via Inverse Records. Ok, Metalhead. Check my reviews about Bloodlash EP, Rain. Check it out.

                Godsbreath, Jazz Guitar Lick, Jazz Vocals, Growls from 02:15 until 02:21, Screams from 02:28 until 02:52, Growls from 02:53 until 03:28. This’s great Progressive Post Metal song with Growls. Spring, Devoured, Jazz Guitar Lick, Good Growls, Clean Vocals from 02:01 until 02:19. This song more Melodic than Godsbreath. Thunderborne, Progressive Stoner Metal with Jazz Vocals. Guitar Solo from 04:33 until 05:18. Best Guitar Solo on this EP. Maelstrom, simple Progressive Metal song with Abstract compotition, Jazz Bass Solo from 03:48 until 04:00.

Rain from Bloodlash is Great Post Metal EP. Post Metal EP with Jazz Vocals, Growls Vocals (Godsbreath and Spring, Devoured), Jazz Guitar Lick, and Complex Compotition.
Score: 100%. This’s Masterpiece.

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