Lost Insen Here After Album Reviews by BDP Metal

 Lost Insen Here After Album Reviews by BDP Metal

BDP Metal – Here After, Debut Album from Lost Insen, Progressive Metal Band from Tunisia. Album Artwork by Jonathan and Donovan Caridi. Ok, for this post. I’ll reviews Lost Insen Album, Here After. Check it out.

                The Greedy Idiot, a good opening track. This’s simple Progressive Metal song without Guitar Solo. Dark Passenger, more powerful than previous track. This song have a good Reff, good Guitar Lick and have a good electronic element. From 02:52 until 03:36 Jazz solo. Good Progressive Metal song with electronic element. When You Were Here, easy listening Progressive Metal. Guitar Solo on this cong more complex than previous song.

                Rain Will Fall, I don’t like this song. But, not bad. Simple Progressive Metal song. Breaking The Walls, Jazzy Drums from 00:54 until 01:18 and from 02:12 until 02:36. Progressive Metal song without Guitar Solo. Salvation Path, Good Electronic Progressive Metal song. This’s my favorite song. Guitar Solo from 04:55 until 05:37. The Way It Has To Be, an accoustic song. Violin Solo from 02:38 until 02:56. This’s good song. Metal is not only identic with distortion. Metal band can play an acoustic song like Lost Insen and Many Metal Musician. Freedom, It's All About..., Longest track on this album. And this song is last track. Arabic Violin, Accoustic Guitar Arpeggio, Solid Structure, and Solid Compotition. This song more complex than previous songs.

Great Debut from Lost Insen. Easy Listening Progressive Metal Album. Progressive Metal with Electronic element. Progressive Metal songs without Guitar Solo like The Greedy Idiot, & Breaking The Walls. Simple but Fantastic.

My Favorite Track: Dark Passenger, When You Were Here, Salvation Path, and The Way It Has To Be.

Score: 96% Great Album.

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