Rorcal New Album, Creon. Release Date March 25th, 2016

Rorcal New Album, Creon. Release Date March 25th, 2016, Rorcal Creon

Rorcal New Album, Creon. Release Date March 25th, 2016

BDP Metal - Creon is more epic narrative than mere album. This double LP contains over 50 minutes of layered, atmospheric insanity divided into four tracks, each depicting the death of characters embedded in Greek mythology, a new take on the modern "concept album."

Recorded live in three days, the band describes ????? (Creon) as "a journey nobody could have dreamed of. Let the magic do its job, let yourself drown in this beautiful and savage piece of aggression." Good advice at its finest.

"The amalgamation of doom and black metal has been attempted before, but never with such unwavering conviction." - Scene Point Blank

666 copies of the DLP will be pressed on 180 gram vinyl, with a choice between black and a limited run of red. Each features printed gatefold jackets with insert.

Preorders starting 2/25 from Halo of Flies: RORCAL - ????? (CREON)

RORCAL: Rorcal emerged from the depths of Geneva in 2005, born of a common aim of five Switzerland-based musicians to reach the deepest depths of darkness and express the unnamable. This path has taken multiple shapes, from slow forms of sonic punishment to cathartic experiences of sound’s malevolence. Rorcal's releases to date, three full-length albums exploring all the shades of extreme music, and various EPs, splits, and collaborations, show the wide range of possibilities lying within the band and display a different face of this ever-evolving entity. 

Yonni - Vocals
Bruno - Bass
Diogo - Guitars
JP - Guitars
Ron - Drums

All songs by Rorcal.
Recorded by Stéphane Kroug at Blend Studio.
Editing and Engineering by JP Schopfer at Yellow Recordings.
Mixed by Daniel Bergstrand & Giorgos Nerantzis at Dugout Productions.
Mastered by Stéphane Kroug at Electric Room Mastering Studio.
Photography Bastien Vermeuenl.
Artwork and Layout by Diogo Almeida.

1. Πολυνείκης     14:44     
2. Ἀντιγόνη     12:44     
3. Αἵμων     11:22     
4. Εὐρυδίκη     12:32     

Streaming Rorcal - Αἵμων:

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