Voivod Post Society EP Reviews by BDP Metal

Voivod Post Society EP Reviews by BDP Metal, Voivod Post Society EP Reviews, Voivod Post Society Reviews

Voivod Post Society EP Reviews by BDP Metal

BDP Metal – Progressive Metal Legend from Canada, Voivod has released their New EP, Post Society on February 26th, 2016 via Century Media Records. Cover Art by Away. Ok, Check my Reviews. Check it out.

                Post Society, 1st track. Heavy Bass, Jazz Guitar Lick, Melodic and Abstract. Jazz Guitar Solo from 04:21 until 04:54. This’s Great Melodic Progressive Metal. Forever Mountain, 2nd track. Jazz Drums, Jazz Guitar Lick, Jazz Vocals and Dark. Jazz Guitar Solo from 03:29 until 03:51. Fusion between Heavy Metal with Classic Jazz Influence. This’s Great song.

                Fall, 3rd track. Started with Accoustic Guitar Arpeggio. Jazz Guitar Lick, Heavy Bass, Epic Guitar Part from 02:50 until 03:10, Jazz Guitar Solo from 04:42 until 05:06, Jazz Guitar Lick and Groovy Bass on the Last Part. This’s Amazing and Complex. We Are Connected, 4th track. Melodic, Abstract, Complex and Dark Atmosphere. Jazz Guitar Solo from 03:57 until 04:45.

                Silver Machine (Hawkwind Cover), 5th track. Laser Beam, Space Atmosphere, Rock n Roll, Heavy Bass. Guitar Solo from 04:01 until 04:42.

This’s Voivod Masterpiece without Dennis D’Amour and Jean-Yves. Jazz Guitar Lick, Heavy and Groovy Bass, Melodic, and Modern. This’s Jazz Society.
Score: 100%, Masterpiece.

Voivod - Post Society:

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