Xerod Infinite Cycle EP Reviews by BDP Metal

Xerod Infinite Cycle EP Reviews by BDP Metal, Xerod Infinite Cycle Reviews

 Xerod Infinite Cycle EP Reviews by BDP Metal

BDP Metal – Infinite Cycle, EP from Xerod, Progressive Technical Death Metal Band from France. Lyrical Themes on this EP about: Fantasy, Ocean and Battle. Ok, Metalhead. Check my reviews. Check it out.

                Terra, 1st track. Epic intro from 00:00 until 01:44, and good Progressive Death Metal song without Guitar Solo, but Complex Guitar Lick. Aeon, 2nd track. This song more complex and more abstract than Terra, Jazz Guitar solo from 02:52 until 03:24. Guma, 3rd track. Guitar Arpeggio from 00:20 until 01:00, abstract tempo, and Good Neoclassical Guitar Solo from 02:54 until 03:26.
                Oceans Deep, 4th track. Instrumental song with Sea Ambience influence. Resilient, 5th track. This song more Groove than previous tracks, Neoclassical Guitar Solo from 00:26 until 00:40, Harmonic Guitar Solo from 03:10 until 03:50. The Angry Octopus, 6th track. This song more complex than previous songs, more Progressive, Neoclassical Guitar Solo from 02:31 until 02:57, Piano from 03:05 until 03:12, Jazz Guitar Solo from 03:13 until 03:50. An angry song.

Great Progressive Technical Death Metal EP with Ocean themes. The Guitarist using 7 string Guitar, and this Band have a female member on Drums, Audrey. I think, she’s Best Female Drums on France Metal scene.
Score: 95%, Great EP.

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