Abhoth – Abhoth EP Reviews By BDP Metal

Abhoth – Abhoth EP Reviews By BDP Metal, Abhoth – Abhoth Reviews

 Abhoth – Abhoth EP Reviews By BDP Metal

Abhoth, Death Metal Band from Montenegro. This’s EP Released Independently on June 18th, 2014 and Released on December 18th, 2014 via Satanath Records. Lyrical themes about Cthulhu Mythos. Check my reviews. Check it out.

                Blood of The Ancients, 1st track. Deep Growls, Catchy Double Bass Drums, Simple Guitar Riff, and Catchy Symphonic. The Enemy of All That Lives, 2nd track. Deep Growls, Dark Atmosphere, Old School Death Metal Guitar Riff, Groovy Bass from 01:00 until 01:20. Guitar Solo from 01:31 until 01:44. Beyond The Gates of The Silver Key, 3rd track. Deep Growls, Thrash Metal Guitar, Cold Atmosphere. Simple Guitar Solo from 02:26 until 02:42 and simple Guitar Solo from 03:24 until 03:36.  Heavy Bass.

Great Cthulhu Death Metal EP.
Score: 90%, Great EP.

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