AbouT:BlanK AbouT:BlanK Album Reviews by BDP Metal

AbouT:BlanK AbouT:BlanK Album Reviews by BDP Metal

BDP Metal - AbouT​:​BlanK, Progressive Technical Death Metal Band from Longueuil, Quebec, Canada. Lyrical Themes about: Human Nature. This Cover Art designed by Alex O’Dowd. Check my reviews. Check it out.

Axiomatically Psychosomatic, 1st track. Pig Squeals, Growls, Drums like Machine Gun, and Fast Guitar Lick. Good Neoclassical Guitar Solo from 02:45 until 03:06 and Epic Drums Roll on 03:45. Mechanical Obscenity, 2nd track. Complex and Solid structure with Powerful Drums and Fast Guitar Lick.

Ascetic Paradox, 3rd track. This’s my favorite song from this Album. I like the drums roll on this song and this song have a Progressive element dislike previous songs. Anthropomorphic Digestion, 4th track. Guitar Solo on this song from 03:00 until 03:33. I love the Guitar Solo of this song. Obscurantism and Eulogies, 5th track. Groovy song and good Guitar Lick. Unforgotten Death, 6th track. Solid and complex structure, more powerful than previous songs and very groovy.

Self Titled Album with complex structured songs, Drums like Machine Gun, Fast Guitar Lick, Powerful Vocals and Good Cover Art. Short durationed songs with solid compotition make this Album as a Great Debut of AbouTBlanK.

My Favorite Track: Nothing, but this’s My Favorite Album!!!
Score: 97% Great Album.

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