Alkaloid The Malkuth Grimoire Album Reviews by BDP Metal

Alkaloid The Malkuth Grimoire Album Reviews by BDP Metal, Alkaloid The Malkuth Grimoire Album Reviews, Alkaloid The Malkuth Grimoire Reviews

Alkaloid The Malkuth Grimoire Album Reviews by BDP Metal

The Malkuth Grimoire, Fisrt Album from Extreme Progressive Metal Supergroup, Alkaloid. Side project from Many Geniust Musician like Morean (Dark Fortress), Linus (Obscura), Danny (Ex-Aborted), Hannes Grossman (Ex-Obscura) and Muenzer (Ex-Obscura).

                Carbon Phrases, 1st track. Sweet Guitar Sound, Catchy Drums, Good Clean Vocals. From Soft to Hard, From Clean to Harsh, Harsh Vocals from 01:49 until 03:03. From Harsh to Clean, From Hard to Soft. Jazz Guitar Solo from 06:03 until 06:47 and from 07:21 until 07:45. From Soft to Hard and From Hard to Soft. Abstract and Complex song, but cacthy.

                From a Hadron Machinist, 2nd track. Started with Classical Accoustic Guitar Arpeggio. Abstract and Changeable Tempo, Complex Guitar Riff, Clean Vocals from 04:36 until 04:52, Accoustic Guitar Arpeggio from 05:04 until 06:08 , Simple Guitar Solo from 05:30 until 05:45, Great Guitar Solo from 05:58 until 06:56. Catchy Guitar Solo from 08:34 until 09:04. Started with Accoustic Guitar Arpeggio and Ended with Accoustic Guitar Arpeggio. Great song.

                Cthulhu, 3rd track. Mid Tempo on the First part, Epic Guitar Tapping, Growls, Guitar Riff on this song more Easy than previous tracks and More Simple than Previous Tracks. Epic Guitar Solo from 04:07 until 04:55. Simple, but Solid.

                Alter Magnitudes, 4th track. It’s more Obscura. Yeah, cause Muenzer and Hannes are Ex Obscura member and Linus is Obscura Current Member. Neoclassical Guitar Solo from 01:23 until 02:53. Orgonism, 5th track. Accoustic Guitar Arpeggio, Guitar Solo from 00:31 until 01:01. Florian Vocals like James Hetfield (Metallica). Abstract and Changeable Tempo. From Soft to Hard and From Hard to Soft. Great Guitar Solo from 04:16 until 04:41. Jazz Guitar Solo from 06:16 until 06:34. Neoclassical Guitar Solo from 07:21 until 07:36. Orgonism = 75% Progressive and 25% Death Metal.

                Dyson Sphere - I.Mining the Oorth Cloud, 6th track. Psychedelic until 00:19, Jazz Harsh Vocal, Harmonic Guitar from 02:35 until 03:10. Short and simple, but Abstract and complex. Dyson Sphere - II.Assembly, 7th track. Continued from Dyson Sphere - I.Mining the Oorth Cloud. Harsh Whisper, Jazz Clean Vocals, Jazz Beat, Abstract, Changeable Tempo.

                Dyson Sphere - III.Kardashev 21 The God Oven, 8th track. Epic Guitar Arpeggio, Abstract, Low and Mid Tempo, Complex Guitar Arpeggio from 02:22 until 03:33. Dark Song, but Amazing. Dyson Sphere - IV.Sol Omega, 9th track. Dark Guitar Lick, Dark Guitar Riff, more Fast and Dark than Dyson Sphere – I, II, and III. Psychedelic from 02:48 until 03:10. Changeable Tempo, Dark and Abstract. I think Dyson Sphere – I, II,  III, and IV is Avant Garde Metal.

                The Malkuth Grimoire, 10th track. Old School Death Metal Guitar Riff, Jazz Guitar Solo from 02:54 until 03:34. Short Guitar Solo from 04:41 until 04:50. Guitar on the last part it’s really Psychedelic. 100% Harsh, 75% Hard and 25% Soft. C-Value Enigma, 11th track. Just Instrumental Song. Groovy Bass, Blues Guitar Lick. Guitar sound like a Space sound. Without drum, a Great Psychedelic song. Funeral For a Continent, 12th track. Thrash Metal Guitar, Harsh Vocals, Clean Vocals, Jazz Guitar Solo from 03:31 until 04:36. From Harsh to Clean, and From Hard to Soft. From Clean to Harsh and From Soft to Hard. Guitar Solo from 05:51 until 06:09. Arpeggio Guitar Electric from 07:58 until 08:36. Longest,  Abstract, and Complex. Organ Sound, Amazing Guitar Solo from 10:33 until 12:10.

An Album with Abstract and Complex compotition. You can listen this on the Rest Time.
Score: 100%, Masterpiece. I think this’s Great Avant Garde Progressive Metal Album ever. No one Album with Amazing Compotition like The Malkuth Grimoire. From Soft to Hard and From Hard to Soft. From Clean to Harsh and From Harsh to Clean. Classical Guitar and Jazz Fusion.

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