Detail from Formless New Album, Eon

Detail from Formless New Album, Eon, Detail from Formless New Album Eon

Detail from Formless New Album, Eon

Fromless, Technical Death Metal Band from Connecticut will release their New Album "Eon" on May 10th, 2016. Album artwork and layout by Mallika Sundaramurthy (Abnormality). Mixing and Mastering by Kenny Goshgarian, and Dan Gonzales. Drum Tracking by Jake Shields. Vocal tracking by Marc Lewis and Kevin Narowski. Guitar, Bass and Vocal Tracking by Annie Grunwald.

01. Eon     02:06      
02. Sins     06:55      
03. Salvation     04:22      
04. Vitality     06:09      
05. Euphoric Dysphoria     03:42      
06. False Awakening     04:47      
07. Benighted by the Lake     05:19    
08. Vindication     06:07      
09. Tech Death     03:58      
10. Prism     04:21      
11. Zero Day     05:41    

Formless - Vitality (Video):

Formless - Tech Death:

Formless - Prism:


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