Exenemy Overture EP Reviews by BDP Metal

Exenemy Overture EP Reviews by BDP Metal, Exenemy Overture Reviews

Exenemy Overture EP Reviews by BDP Metal

Overture, EP Debut from Exenemy, Power Metal Band from Bangladesh. Released Independently on November 11th, 2015. Lyrical themes about: Heroic Tale and Rebellion. Check my review, check it out.

Rusty Wings, 1st track. Bass Solo from 00:47 until 01:01, Guitar Solo from 01:34 until 02:20, Synth Solo from 02:20 until 02:35, Guitar Solo from 03:19 until 03:57, and Breakdown from 04:29 until 04:51. Just an easy listening song, but this song have a great composition. Bass Solo, Guitar Solo and Synth Solo made this song amazing.

                Twisted Saints, 2nd track. Not Power Metal, but Progressive Metal. Guitar Solo from 01:33 until 02:35, Laugh on 03:37, Middle Eastern Symphonic, Guitar Solo from 04:32 until 04:44, and from 05:00 until 05:34.

                Victory Serenade, 3rd track. Melodic Power Metal, Guitar Solo from 02:37 until 03:27. I can’t write more about this song. But, that’s great Melodic Power Metal song.

Just 3 track on this EP, but Amazing. I just wanna say, this’s Great Cover with Great Composition. Vocals like European Power Metal.
Score: 95%, Great EP. 

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