Helion Prime Helion Prime Album Reviews by BDP Metal

Helion Prime Helion Prime Album Reviews by BDP Metal, Helion Prime Helion Prime Reviews

Helion Prime Helion Prime Album Reviews by BDP Metal

1st Full Length Album from American Power Metal Band, Helion Prime. Lyrical themes on this Album about Sci-fi and Alien. This's Best Power Metal Cover in February 2016.

                1st track, Into the Alien Terrain. Just Instrumental Song. 2nd track, The Drake Equation. Modern Metal Guitar Riff, Catchy Drums, Catchy Reff, Simple Guitar Solo from 02:45 until 03:07. Good Modern Heavy Metal Song.

                3rd track, Life Finds a Way. Catchy Guitar Riff, Cacthy Drums, Guitar Solo from 02:16 until 02:46. 4th track, Into the Black Hole. More Fast, More Power, and More Heavy than previous tracks. Guitar Solo from 03:07 until 03:31, Synth Solo from 03:32 until 03:42.

                5th track, A Place I Thought I Knew. More easy than previous tracks. Excellent Guitar Solo 02:37 until 03:19. Changeable Tempo, Changeable Composition, From Soft to Hard and From Hard to Soft. This’s Great song. 6th track, You Keep What You Kill. More Fast and More Powerful than previous tracks. Female Clean Vocals and Male Harsh Vocals, Beauty and the Beast. Guitar Solo from 02:46 until 03:13.

                7th track, Ocean of Time. Just a Melodic Power Metal song, Great Guitar Solo and Synth from 02:29 until 03:42. 8th track, Moon-Watcher. Catchy Guitar Riff, More Groove Metal, Guitar Solo from 02:21 until 02:43.

                9th track, Apollo (The Eagle Has Landed). Fast, Catchy, Good Choir, Gutiar Solo from 02:42 until 03:31. Noisy Vocals, but this’s amazing song. 10th track, Live and Die on This Day. Started with Accoutic Guitar Arpeggio, Soft Vocals, From Soft to Hard, Male Clean Vocals, Thrash Guitar, Guitar Solo from 03:43 until 04:16. Dog Sound and UFO sound on the last part.

Modern Power Metal Album with Sci-fi and Alien themes. Yeah, this’s Sci-fi Power Metal.
Score: 95%, Great.

Helion Prime:


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