Obscura Akroasis Album Reviews by BDP Metal

Obscura Akroasis Album Reviews by BDP Metal

Obscura Akroasis Album Reviews by BDP Metal

Akroasis, Obscura New Album with New Concept and New Concept. An Album with Unique composition and Abstract. Great Cover with Amazing Tracks.

                1st track, Sermon Of The Seven Suns. Vocoder Vocals like Cynic, Catchy Guitar Riff, Rought Vocals, Changeable Tempo, Accoustic Guitar Arpeggio on 03:05 until 03:27, Fretless Bass Solo from 03:17 until 03:27, Epic Guitar Solo from 03:27 until 04:20. Great Guitar Solo from 06:04 until 06:36.

                2nd track, The Monist. Epic Drums, Deep Growl Vocals, Vocoder Vocals like Cynic, Jazz Guitar Solo from 01:53 until 02:26. An Abstract song. 3rd track, Akroasis. Epic Neoclassical Guitar, Epic Fretless Bass, Fry Scream, Jazz Guitar Solo from 01:53 until 02:34 and from 02:43 until 02:51. Epic Accoustic Guitar Arpeggio on the last part.

                4th track, Ten Sepiroth. Epic Jazz Guitar Lick on the first part, Deep Growls, Fry Scream, Guitar Riff like Death (Official), Jazz Guitar Solo from 01:57 until 02:06, Groovy Fretless Bass, Jazz Guitar Solo from 02:46 until 03:14. Accoustic Guitar Arpeggio and Fretless Bass Solo from 03:14 until 03:31. Guitar Solo from 04:23 until 04:39. Choir from 04:43 until 04:53.

                5th track, Ode to the Sun. Deep Growl, Mid Tempo, Vocoder Vocals like Cynic, Tempo Change to Fast on 01:48, Mid Tempo again, Fretless Bass Solo from 03:27 until 03:46. Guitar Solo from 04:09 until 04:31. Choir from 04:32 until 05:02.

                6th track, Fractal Dimension. Catchy Guitar Riff, Catchy Fretless Bass, Epic Guitar Solo from 00:42 until 01:00. Jazz Slide Guitar from 01:32 until 01:48, from 02:16 until 02:29, from 04:00 until 04:16. Jazz Guitar Solo from 02:33 until 03:14. Epic Accoustic Guitar part from 04:21 until 04:44. Amazing Guitar Solo from 05:16 until 06:08.

                7th track, Perpetual Infinity. Accoustic Guitar, Fretless Bass, Vocoder Vocals like Cynic, Fry Scream, Jazz Guitar Solo from 03:31 until 04:27. Accoustic Guitar Part from 04:29 until 04:42. Neoclassical Guitar from 05:20 until 05:26.

                8th track, Weltseele. Longest track on this Album. Accoustic Guitar, Deep Growls, Epic Guitar Lick, Fry Scream, Djent, Cello Solo from 06:35 until 07:45. Spoken Word from 07:50 until 08:10. Psychedelic, Cello Solo from 08:54 until 09:20. Harmonic Minor Guitar Slide Solo from 09:56 until 10:32 and from 13:58 until 14:35. Ended with Epic Accoustic Guitar and Cello. I just wanna say, this’s Great Djent Song with Symphonic Influence and Psychedelic Effect.

Abstract Album with Abstract Theme. Complex Album with Complex Theme. From Soft to Hard and From Hard to Soft. From Harsh to Vocoder and From Vocoder to Harsh. Vocoder and the Beast. Akroasis more Jazz and more Modern than Obscura previous Releases. And I think this’s Obscura Masterpiece with New Members.
Score: 100%, Masterpiece.

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