Pensevor - Pensevor EP Reviews by BDP Metal

Pensevor - Pensevor EP Reviews by BDP Metal, Pensevor - Pensevor Reviews

Pensevor - Pensevor EP Reviews by BDP Metal

Self titled EP from Doom Metal Legion from United Kingdom, Pensevor. Released Independently on June 12th, 2013.

1st track, Freedom. Started with Drone Music, and Good Clean Vocals. Although slow tempo, this song describe a Freedom like the song title. Psychedelic from 03:45 until 03:55. Speech of Freedom with Slow tempo. Feed Back from 04:46 until 05:00. Although simple, Feed back effect on this song made this song a Great.

                2nd track, Hide and Seek. Drone Metal, and Vocals like a Viking Songs. Harsh Vocals on 04:22, 04:32, 04:41, and 04:51. Noisy Effect from 04:22 until 04:59. Laugh sound from 06:57 until 09:07. Harsh Vocals on 09:09, 09:19, 09:29, and 09:38. Psychedelic Effect from 09:46 until 11:12. Vocals style fully with anger, with Psychedelic effect. This’s Great song.

                3rd track, Hate You. Dislike previous songs, this’s not Drone. Guitar Solo from 01:56 until 02:34. Fuck You 3x, describe a hateful to someone. Guitar Solo from 03:56 until 04:35. Drums beat on the last part made this song so Great.

Drone Music on the 1st & 2nd track and Psychedelic Effect. This EP make us really slightly tipsy. Although last track not Drone. But, this EP can enjoyed before to sleep. A Drone/Doom Metal EP recommended heard before sleep.
Score: 97%, Great.

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