The Zenith Passage Solipsist Album Reviews by BDP Metal

The Zenith Passage Solipsist Album Reviews by BDP Metal, The Zenith Passage Solipsist Reviews

The Zenith Passage Solipsist Album Reviews by BDP Metal

First Full Length Album from The Zenith Passage, Death Metal Supergroup from America. An Album with Great Cover Art and Amazing Composition.

1st track, Holographic Principle I – Emergence. Just Instrumental song. 2nd track, Holographic Principle II – Convergence. Complex, Harsh & Clean Vocals, Catchy Synth sound, Atmospheric, Jazz Guitar Solo from 01:50 until 02:12 & from 02:20 until 02:38

3rd track, Simulated Reality. Jazz Guitar Lick from 00:25 until 00:28, Jazz Guitar Solo from 00:54 until 01:06, Harsh and Clean Vocals, and Ambient sound on the last part. 4th track, Deus Deceptor. Catchy Guitar Distortion Riff, Guitar Solo from 01:07 until 01:18, Sweet Synth sound, Jazz Guitar Slide, Jazz Guitar Solo from 02:28 until 02:52, and Ambient sound on the last part.

5th track, The Dissension Consensus. Growls, Fry Scream, Complex, from Brutal to Soft, Jazz Guitar Solo from 02:20 until 02:46, Heavy Bass sound, and Dark Ambient. 6th track, Dreamsphere. This song for cooling down after listening complex tracks before. Ambient Sound, Jazz Drums, and Jazz Synth can made us Relax before listening complex tracks forward.

7th track, Hypnagogia. A Death Metal song with Orchestral Element, Choirs, and Jazz Guitar Solo. 8th track, Metaphysical Solipsism. Jazz Guitar Solo from 01:06 until 01:20, and this song not complex like previous tracks, except 6th track.

9th track, The Tenebrous Veil. Crazy Double Pedal sound, Jazz Guitar Solo from 01:18 until 01:30, Synth sound on the last part and this song is Great song with Best Drums Knock on this Album. 10th track, Luminary Singularity. I just wanna say, “Death, Abstract and Jazz.”

This’s not Great Album, but this’s Masterpiece in April 2016. Complex Music, but Easy Listening. Brutal Music with Jazz Element, Synth and Ambient Element. Great Cover Art with Great Composition. More Ambient Ambient than The Faceless.
Score: 100%, Masterpiece.

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