Valerian Stardust Revelation Album Reviews by BDP Metal

Valerian Stardust Revelation Album Reviews by BDP Metal, Valerian Stardust Revelation Reviews, BDP Metal

Valerian Stardust Revelation Album Reviews by BDP Metal

Stardust Revelation, First Full Length Album from Valerian. Released on February 20th, 2016 via Interlude Records. Recording processes in Surabaya, Operated by Ody “Ook” Prayoga, Mixed and mastered by Sigit “Lemboepetenk.” Lyrics by Verrel Valerian, Except Heroes Land Odyssey by Daniel Natjaard. Artwork by Sham Lee.

                Awakening of The Fallen One, 1st track. I just wanna say, this’s Good Opening Song. Symphony of Endless Desire, 2nd track. Catchy Synthesizer sound, Guitar Riff like Power Metal (Surabaya), Vocals like Hansi (Blind Guardian), Good Back Vocals, Folk Instrument from 02:20 until 02:32, Guitar Solo from 02:33 until 02:58.

                In Your Hand, 3rd track. Guitar Lick and Vocals like Iron Maiden. Guitar Solo from 02:34 until 03:24. Stardust Revelation, 4th track. Easy Listening Melodic Power Metal song with Catchy Guitar Solo.

                Heroes Land Odyssey, 5th track. Pirate Metal, Easy Listening, Arabian Keyboard from 02:30 until 02:54, and Catchy Guitar Solo from 02:55 until 03:33. This’s Good Pirate Metal Song. Elegy of The Unspoken Words, 6th track. Epic, and Complex Guitar Solo from 02:59 until 03:36.

                Sinner's Euphoria, 7th track. Good Choir, and Good Guitar Solo from 02:04 until 03:10. My Everlasting, 8th track. Easy Listening, Female & Male Vocals, and Guitar Solo from 03:23 until 03:46. Glorious Anthem, 9th track. This’s My Favorite Track. Catchy Compotition, Catchy Reff, Epic Guitar and Synth Solo. The Triumphant, 10th track. Good Ending Song.

Stardust Revelation, a Power Metal Album about Daily Life Experience, Life Struggle, Chasing Dream, Never Surrender, and Glory. Great Cover with Great Composition. 
Score: 97%, Great Album.
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