Wrath of Echoes, Melodic Death/Doom Metal Band from Canada

Warth of Echoes, Melodic Death/Doom Metal Band from Canada, Warth of Echoes Melodic Death/Doom Metal Band from Canada

Wrath of Echoes, Melodic Death/Doom Metal Band from Canada

Formed in 2014 by former members of various Quebec City bands, WRATH OF ECHOES started with current members of Canadian occult metal outfit DOOM'S DAY, guitarist Pat Gauvin and drummer Dom Verreault. The duo began to work out riffs ideas that Gauvin has shelved for years that was not suitable for his other projects. From the sound of the first song that sparked the project, the pair new the musical direction that the band would be going for was Doom Metal.

Soon into the process, the pair realized that the songs would be taking a new level by adding members to play with them. The band reached out to an old friend, Ben Chapados, Gauvin's former bandmate, and he showed interest in playing bass for this time around, instead of his usual guitar role. The trio crafted a few songs until DOOM'S DAY's Dom St-Laurent, filled the vacant guitar slot and gave the songs what they needed to expand sonically. With the core of the band secured, the four piece continued to perfect the songs and began the search for the proper vocalist.

In early 2015, the band contacted DAEDALEAN COMPLEX's David Habon to handle the vocals and keyboards and he agreed to join on board. With things falling into place, the band is now ready to record their debut EP in Winter (OBVIOUSLY !) 2015-2016 for a release on PRC MUSIC in late 2016. Prepare for the Wrath of Echoes !!!

Line Up: Patrick Gauvin - Guitars, Dominic St-Laurent - Guitars, Benoît Chapados - Bass, Dominique Verreault - Drum, and David Habon - Vocals/Keys.


 Wrath of Echoes - A Fading Bloodline:

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