Amoth Revenge Album Reviews by BDP Metal

Amoth Revenge Album Reviews by BDP Metal

Revenge, 2nd Full Length from Finnish Underground Progressive Metal Legion, Amoth. An Album with Various Lyrical themes released via Inverse Records.

1st track, Die Yuong. Jazz Drums beat, Jazz Rock Guitar Lick, Guitar Solo from 01:05 until 01:23, and fusion between Old School and Modern. 2nd track, And So They Fueled These Veins With Chaos. Thrash Metal Guitar, Melodic, Jazz Fusion, Guitar Solo from 01:53 until 02:14, Vocals like Voivod, and from 03:42 until 04:30 music change to Soft. Progressive and Thrash like Voivod, 70% Progressive, 20% Heavy and 10% Thrash. 3rd track, Shadow of the Beast. Started with Soft Intro, then Heavy Guitar Riff, Heavy Bass sound, Noisy Cymbal, Changeable Tempo and Composition, Guitar Solo from 04:28 until 05:07, Thrash Metal Guitar, Whisper and  Strident on the Last Part.

4th track, Tattered Wings. Thrash Metal Guitar, Catchy Reff, Guitar Solo from 02:36 until 03:12, Accoustic part from 05:15 until 05:31, and this’s Catchy Prog Thrash Heavy Metal. 5th track, For The Moon And Mercury. Just Instrumental Song with Accoustic Guitar and Ambient. 6th track, Till the Ends. Just a Progressive Power Metal song, Guitar Solo from 01:45 until 02:31, and Catchy Melodic Guitar Lick.

7th track, Road to Ruins. Progressive Power Metal song, Catchy Melodic Guitar Lick, Guitar Solo from 03:54 until 05:30, and Classic Rock Guitar solo on the last part. 8th track, Children Of The Night. Just a Slow Rock song, Slow but Prog. 9th track, Revenge. Progressive Power Metal, Blasting, Catchy Melodic Guitar Lick, Neoclassical Guitar Solo and Accoustic Guitar on the last part.

Like Voivod, but more Variative than Voivod. An Album with many Element like Thrash, Power, Accoustic, Neoclassical, Ambient and Slow Rock.
Score: 100%, Masterpiece.

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