Eternity's End The Fire Within Album Reviews by BDP Metal

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Eternity's End The Fire Within Album Reviews by BDP Metal

The Fire Within, Full Length Album Debut of Power Metal Supergroup from Germany, Eternity’s End. Eternity’s End is Christian Muenzner on Guitar, Linus on Bass, Hannes Grossman on Drums, Jimmy Pitts on Keyboards and Ian Parry on Vocals. The Fire Within from Eternity's End listed on Best Power Metal Cover in March 2016.

1st track, The Fire Within. Catchy Reff, Neoclassical, Great Guitar Solo, Great Keyboards & Synth Solo, Solid Double Pedal. 2nd track, Demonblade. Wah Guitar, Harmonic Guitar, Thrash Metal Guitar, Guitar Solo from 02:24 until 03:51. Feel like listening to Megadeth.

3rd track, Hourglass. Complex Guitar Lick, Atmospheric, Thrash Metal Guitar, Sweet Synth Solo, Great Guitar and Synth Solo. Jazz and Neoclassical. 4th track, Eagle Divine. More Thrash than previous songs, but this’s Neoclassical Power Thrash Metal.

5th track, White Lies. Just Neoclassical Progressive Metal song. Not Heavy like previous tracks, but I love this song. 6th track, Twilight Warrior. Complex Keyboards, Epic Keyboards Solo, Synth Solo and Guitar Solo. Complex Guitar and Complex Keyboards & Synth.

7th track, Chains of the Earth. Catchy Reff, Jazz Guitar Solo and Jazz Synth Solo. 8th track, The Dark Tower. Catchy Double Pedal, Atmospheric, and Not Power Metal, but Guitar Solo and Keyboards Solo it’s Complex. Started with Accoustic and End with Accoustic sound.

9th track, Moonstruck. Catchy Double Pedal, Epic Guitar Solo and Epic Synth solo. 10th track, The Fall of the House of Usher. Dark Atmosphere on the begin, Guitars like Megadeth, Accoustic Part from 03:32 until 03:51, Jazz Drums beat from 03:52 until 04:07, Excellent Guitar, and Keybords solo.

Eternity’s End is not Progressive Power Metal, but Eternity’s  End is Extreme Progressive Technical Neoclassical Power Thrash Metal. Megadeth + Stratovarius + Obscura = Eternity’s End. I think The Fire Within is Easy Listening album.This Album can be enjoyed at the Night.
Score: 100%, Masterpiece.

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