Fallujah - Dreamless (Album Lyrics)

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 Fallujah - Dreamless (Album Lyrics)

Fallujah - Face of Death Lyrics

I think hate is a lost cause
I think love is wasted breath
I reflect the word of false gods
Like the venom you inject
A single moment of calm in the crippling suspense
No fear within the life you lead, now spit in the face of death

Fallujah - Adrenaline Lyrics

Our lust is face to face
Hearts beating with rage
You burned with pride with your skin in chains

Hearts beating far from death
How the nerves come alive in such decadence
I'm grasping harder with every breath

Alive again from the adrenaline
How does it feel in someone else's hands

She shrieks and speaks in tongues
Pure sin within her lungs
Narcotic rush in her submission

I'm acquiesced in full
Pleasure untellable
I'm the next sin that you indulge

I am a weapon [3x]
Built for sin

Begging for the punishment
Paradise within my hands
Alive from the adrenaline
In the paradigm of sin

Alive again, from the adrenaline
How does it feel in someone else's hands

Revel in the sacrilege
You're my goddess of blasphemy
Paradise within my hands
Alive from the adrenaline  

Fallujah - The Void Alone Lyrics

Compulsion and numbness become
The only way that i can survive
This moment is the closest thing
I'll ever have to paradise

Color reflects as the night projects
A glitch in the frame for this life of excess
Tell me secrets of life and death
For i foresee my grave

Forget the past
Or be swarmed with regret
A pulse in the veins
As i wait for the end

Fighting fear i wait in agony
Seeping into the soil
Rust upon the coil
I am swarmed with self contempt

Never again, no never again

I don't want to face
The Void Alone
The warmth in me
Swallowed whole

The sequence of the frames
A young child alone
Speak to me
So gracefully

You saw me through the lights
And we had only time

Paradise awaits as i unfold
Bleeding days into the soil

Forgetting the child you always were
Becoming the man takes more than words
Hate the way my thoughts they sway
Home is but a place, a cage in a frame 

 Fallujah - Abandon Lyrics

You speak in your sleep
Tell me everything you feel

I promised you
But I must abandon you alone
I don't know where I will go
Can love carry us home?

The beauty in loss
Tragic thoughts in disguise
I'm worlds away from you, saving you
Reclaiming you

Failure as father
But I go where you can't follow
Eden is not a myth
Life of despair is something we can't accept

The stars will guide my path
To the soil's next breath
For now you must accept
I wander alone at no one else's expense

I must abandon you to the squalor
Starvation and sorrow

You speak in your sleep
As I set free every tear in me
Time has come and gone
But I'll always recall everything you were 

Fallujah - Scar Queen Lyrics

Your skin reflects
Your past regrets
Face death, free again
Last breath, you're free again

Warmer words from better days
The blood on your teeth has faded away
You're in infinite pain
That's the risk that you know you take

There is hope beyond the scars on your skin
Open your lungs and let me in

I'm fighting all of the weakness in me
Something I'll fight until the end of my days
She's begging to stay in chains
Ones only I can break

Are you afraid of what the mirror reflects?
Do happiness and hope fail to connect
You're facing death and you're free gain
There is hope beyond the scars on your skin

Your skin reflects
Your past regrets

There's a darkness inside of you
I know because it's in me too
Warmer words from better days
Those days have faded away
Faded away [2x]

Scar Queen  

Fallujah - Dreamless Lyrics

Breathe it in
You're dreaming dead
Vision and apparition
Voice and Exhilaration
Breath it in and reflect
You're dreaming in sequence 

Fallujah - The Prodigal Son Lyrics

Dreams of us would carry me on
That day has come and gone

Born to be the prodigal son
We are worn men soon to become extinct

Reminding ourselves to breathe
Your curse upon the chosen son

I spited you that day
Defiance was the plight
I curse the night I had to leave
That day of my infant life

Movement entangled with grace
Swarming like vapor waves
The last choice you could have made
You chose to wither away
Wither away [2x]

The broken heart of the mother
The shattered arm of the father  

Fallujah - Amber Gaze Lyrics

Android dreams

A glitch of the silicone soul
With empathy flowing free
Rendered a part of me

Be the god you were born to be

The amber gaze of broken trust
The life beyond you crave so much
A cry to know the warmth of touch
Just android dreams of futile love

Breathe, it's the closest to feeling free

A father in the sky hiding and blind
God's strength within his hands
Crushing the will of weaker men

Ghost in the machine
Thoughts of mother and child
Your amber gaze full of empathy

An artificial smile
It's the heartbreak that drives
Lovers of one another

The curse of a mortals word
Betrayal flowing free
As tragedy swallows me

Spite the god you will never see 

Fallujah - Fidelio (Instrumental) 

Fallujah - Wind for Wings Lyrics

Tortured by sorrow
For reasons I can't follow
Can I give wind to your wings?
While you pretend to feel what's real

You want what's mine
I've known it all along
Thoughts become perverse
There's code behind her words

Flawed is the man who thinks himself a god
Mistrusted are the words of her creator
They're nothing but contempt

Strange it is to love the one that's
Dreaming of your death
What is it I look for in this elusive test?

Rigged it is this game I played
And that's my one regret

Can I give wind to your wings?
While you pretend to feel what's real
You know there's something more
I have everything that you want

Caged from the world
Where silence is the sound
Born with the thirst to
Strike my creator down

Weakness in your heart
Each feeling consuming you
Can you claim everything I thought
Impossible to lose

Nothing but scorn in her breath

Can I give wind to your wings?
While you pretend to feel what's real
You know there's something more
I have everything that you want 

 Fallujah - Les Silences (Instrumental) 

Fallujah - Lacuna Lyrics

Finally I've found my faith
Belief in the cause of your warm embrace
Now I have all that I want
But I can't help that I'm
Wishing I could change today
And all that I had hoped to gain
I'll meet you where land goes to end
I hope to find you there

Knowing I can't change today
You know that I was desperate
I'll meet you where land goes to end
Will you remember me?

Give me back my thoughts
Can I keep just this one?
Dig in your hands, I know what's done is done

What feels like lapse in time
Was when you were mine
Our souls collide in
The lessons and the strife

We move like ghosts
Fade into my arms

I watched this tragic love of mine
Dissolve and divide
Before my desperate eyes, running out of time

What feels like lapse in time
Was when you were mine
Our souls collide in
The lessons and the strife

I had found my queen
But she's forgotten me 

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