Marte Marte Album Reviews by BDP Metal

Marte Marte Album Reviews by BDP Metal

Marte Marte Album Reviews by BDP Metal

Self Titled Album from Progressive Doom/Sludge Metal Legion from Brazil (Marte). This Album listed as Best Progressive metal Cover in March 2016.

1st track, Lus se Fez. Heavy Guitar Riff with Jazz Element, Jazz Drums beat, Mid Tempo, Clean Vocals like Ozzy, Harsh Vocals from 02:09 until 02:19, and Guitar Solo from 03:16 until 03:56. Heavy Metal with Mixed Vocals (Harsh and Clean) with Jazz Element. 2nd, Ave Chuva. Groovy Bass, Catchy Cymbal, Heavy Guitar, Harsh Vocals, Clean Vocals like Ozzy, Guitar Solo from 02:45 until 03:08, Guitar Solo 2 from 03:48 until 04:27 and ended with Reverb. Not Progressive dislike previous track. But, Paranoid.

3rd track, Metaforma. Jazz Guitar Lick, Catchy Hit-hat, Jazz Drums beat, Abstract Tempo, Blues Guitar Lick, Reverb and this’s Great Instrumental song. 4th track, Inferno Verde. Guitar sound like War Pigs, Clean Vocals more Heavy than Ozzy, Heavy Guitar sound, Harsh Vocals, Guitar Solo from 03:06 until 03:35.

5th track, Tzolk'in. Sweet Guitar Arpeggio, Noisy Hit-hat and Cymbal, Stoner, Clean Vocals like Ozzy, Abstract composition, Reverb, and Noise. 6th track, Enigma. Noisy Cymbal, Drums Roll, Stoner, Jazz Drums beat, Abstract Tempo, Epic Guitar sound from 02:58 until 03:40, Feedback, and Psychedelic.

60% Progressive, 20% Stoner, 10% Doom and 10% Sludge. When Black Sabbath meet Progressive Element, Feedback and Reverb. This’s Marte.
Score: 100%, this’s Masterpiece.


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