Omega Diatribe Abstract Ritual Reviews by BDP Metal

Omega Diatribe Abstract Ritual Reviews by BDP Metal

 Omega Diatribe Abstract Ritual Reviews by BDP Metal

There’s a secret ancient writing stem from an unknown alien civilization, a contract between Humans and Aliens about the use of the planet Earth. The government calls it „Omega Diatribe”. This contract says Humans could only use the Earth in a limited time. Overtime is not allowed. Abstract Ritual, Full Length Album from Djent Legion from Hungary, Omega Diatribe. Released on February 25th, 2015.

1st track, Subsequent Phase. Mid-tempo, Noisy Guitar Lick, Noisy Cymbal, Hardcore Scream Vocals, Psychedelic, and Industrial. 2nd track, Extrinsic. Solid Double Pedal, Noisy Cymbal, Hardcore Screams, Industrial Guitar Lick, and Changeable Tempo. 3rd track, Hydrozoan Periods. Mid-tempo, Industrial Guitar Lick, Noisy Cymbal, and Catchy.

4th track, Abstract Ritual. Noisy Cymbal, Mid-tempo, Melodic, Guitar Solo from 03:20 until 03:40, and Industrial. 5th track, The Quantum. Instrumental Psychedelic song. 6th track, Unshadowed Days (Perception_Remix). Some Electronic element on the early part. Mid-tempo, Noisy Cymbal, Industrial, some Clean Vocals, and Outro from 03:46 until 06:44. 7th track, Hydrozoan Periods (Glass Medusa Remix by dOTS). Like 3rd track, but more Dark and more Electronic.

Vocals like Hatebreed, Mid-tempo and some Psychedelic & some Industrial. Catchy and Easy Listening Djent Album. Great Cover with Good Music.
Score: 98%, Great.

Omega Diatribe:

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