Parasite of Human Side Constellation EP Reviews by BDP Metal

Parasite of Human Side Constellation EP Reviews by BDP Metal

Constellation, First EP from Parasite of Human Side, Technical Death Metal Legion from Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia. Cover art designed by Aghy Purakusuma Art. This EP mentioned on Best Progressive/Technical Death Metal Cover in January 2016.

1st track, Orbital Calling. Just an easy Opening song with Neoclassical Guitar Lick. 2nd track, Constellation. Neoclassical Guitar Lick, Changeable Tempo, Guitar Solo from 02:28 until 02:52, 03:40 until 04:08 & from 05:30 until 05:54, and Vocals like Suicmez.

                3rd track, Ancient Depiction of Sun. Blasting, Abstract, Neoclassical Guitar Lick, Dark, Complex Guitar Solo from 02:46 until 03:13, Breakdown from 03:15 until 03:45, Guitar Solo from 04:32 until 05:04. 4th track, Obsolescence Serenade. Complex, Blasting, Vocals like Kummerers, Piano Solo from 03:27 until 03:26, Clean Vocals from 04:40 until 05:12, and Guitar Solo from 06:22 until 06:56. Obsolescence Serenade, most complex song on this EP. 5th track, Majestical Emergence. Just Instrumental song. Listen this song feel like listen a Requiem.

Death Metal with Neoclassical Element and Mixed Vocals (Harsh and Clean Vocals).  Great Cover with Great Composition. Melodic, Complex, Abstract, Dark and Amazing. I just wanna say “Obscura von Padang.”
Score: 98%, Great.

Parasite of Human  Side:

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