The Abstract – The Abstract EP Reviews by BDP Metal

The Abstract – The Abstract EP Reviews by BDP Metal, The Abstract – The Abstract EP Reviews

The Abstract – The Abstract EP Reviews by BDP Metal

Self Title EP from Female Fronted Progressive Death Metal Band from Mexico. Abstract Cover art from "The Abstract."

1st track, The All-seeing Eye. Complex Guitar Riff, Variative Female Harsh Vocals, Good Drums, Short Guitar Solo from 01:06 until 01:21. Guitar strident from 02:29 until 02:47. Guitar Solo from 05:37 until 05:49. Jazz Guitar Solo from 06:01 until 06:28. Guitar Synth from 07:03 until 07:55, made this song so Atmospheric. Great Atmospheric Progressive Death Metal Song with Atmopheric Influence and Variative Vocals.

                2nd track, Ousia. Growl Vocals, Changeable Tempo, Guitar Solo from 03:13 until 03:44. Accoustic Guitar Synth from 04:28 until 05:06. Although unlike the previous song, this song is so Progressive and Complex.

                3rd track, Virtual Abstraction. Complex, Changeable Tempo, Jazz Guitar Solo from 02:19 until 03:11. Guitar Synth sound make this song too Atmospheric. This song more abstract than previous track.

Complex and Abstract music with Atmospheric influence. The Abstract EP from The Abstract release titled “The Abstract.” An Atmospheric Progressive Death Metal EP with Female Harsh Vocals and Complex & Abstact Compotition. Jazz, Death, and Atmospheric. This’s Masterpiece.
Score: 100%, Masterpiece.

The Abstract:

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