To Wither Ending Days Album Reviews by BDP Metal

To Wither Ending Days Album Reviews by BDP Metal

Ending Days, First Full Length Album from To Wither, Progressive Metal Duo from Norway. This Album released independently on February 2016. Lyrical themes on this Album about: Fragile Life, Death, Nature, Dark.

1st track, Dreamfall. Dark Guitar Lick, Changeable Tempo, Symphonic from 03:04 until 03:12 and from 03:22 until 03:29, Vocals like Sadness Hymn. 2nd track, Winter. Minor Guitar Lick, Abstract Structure, Changeable Tempo, Simple Compotition Vocals like Sadness Hymn, and Simple Guitar Solo.

                3rd track, Death at Hand. Symphonic, Vocals like Sadness Hymn, Simple Guitar Lick, Abstract, Arpeggio Jazz Guitar Lick from 00:58 until 01:35, Jazz Guitar Solo from 01:36 until 02:12. Melodic Part from 02:14 until 02:34. Dark Guitar Riff and Lick, Jazz Part from 05:45 until 05:55. 4th track, Ending Days. Dark Guitar Riff, Vocals like Sadness Hymn, Complex, Changeable Tempo, Jazz Guitar Solo from 04:42 until 05:16. Guitar Solo from 06:12 until 06:30.

5th track, Hiding. Abstract, Changeable Tempo, Jazz Guitar Lick, Breakdown, Vocals like Sadness Hymn, Accoustic Guitar Arpeggio Solo from 03:48 until 04:20, Harmonic Guitar Solo from 05:13 until 05:20, Piano Solo from 05:21 until 05:34, Guitar Solo from 05:36 until 05:52, Jazz Guitar Solo from 06:38 until 07:22. 6th track, Hymn to the Forest. Accoustic Guitar Arpeeggio, Vocals like Sadness Hymn, Folk Instrument, and Slow. This song simple and good for cooling down.

Great Progressive Metal Album with Dark and Gloomy Lyrical themes.
Score: 97%, Great.

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