Vetten Äpärät Syntyi talven kyynelistä Album Reviews by BDP Metal

Vetten Äpärät Syntyi talven kyynelistä Album Reviews by BDP Metal

Syntyi talven kyynelistä, 1st Full Length Album debut from Finnish Folk Metal Legion, Vetten Äpärät. Syntyi talven kyynelistä listed as Best Folk Metal Cover in April 2016.

1st track. Ancient’s Call. Monolog like on the Movies, Violin sound like Fantasy Movies backsound, Acoustic Guitar Arpeggio, Harsh Vocals and Epic. 2nd track, Exile. Solid Double Pedal, Noisy Cymbal, Mixed Vocals (Harsh and Clean Vocals), Catchy Flute Solo and Simple Guitar Solo. 3rd track, Brothers Of Hate. A Catchy Song with Power Metal Drums, Cacthy Flute, Harsh Vocals and Melodic.

                4th track, Winterheart's Silence. Just an Instrumental Song. Ambient and Acoustic Guitar Arpeggio. 5th track, Winter Darkness. Power Metal Drums, Symphonic, Harsh Vocals, Melodic, Acoustic Guitar (from 01:57 until 02:49, from 04:57 until 05:17, and from 05:00 until 05:15), Guitar Solo from 04:33 until 04:44, and Drums Solo from 04:45 until 04:59.

                6th track, Grief Of Woods. An easy listening song, cooling down after Heaviest songs. 7th track, Sydäntalven Viha. From soft to hard, Mixed Vocals (Harsh and Clean Vocals) and Catchy Guitar Lick. 8th track, Herätys. Folk Music with Spoken Words and Choir. 9th track, Swords’ Dance. Flute, Blasting, Epic Solo, and War.

                10th track, Wind Of Exhaustion. Form Hard to Soft, From Soft to Hard, Catchy Folk Element, Power Metal Drums, and Melodic. 11th track, Ice Made New Kingdom. Catchy Acoustic Guitar, Blasting, Clean Vocals, Harsh Vocals, Melodic, Vocal Crowded, From Soft to Hard and From Hard to Soft. Guitar Solo from 05:42 until 06:01. 12th track, I Heard Them. Monolog. 13th track, Vala. Acoustic Song with Vocal Crowded.

Brilliant Debut. Great Cover art and Great Composition. A Folklore with fast Drums beat, Catchy Keyboards and a blend of Harsh & Clean Vocals which produces an awesome album. I'm very enjoyable listen this Album.
Score: 98%, Great.

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