Wormed - Krighsu (Album Lyrics)

Wormed - Krighsu  (Album Lyrics), Wormed - Pseudo-Horizon (Lyrics), Wormed - Neomorph Mindkind (Lyrics), Wormed - Agliptian Codex Cyborgization (Lyrics), Wormed - The Singularitarianism (Lyrics),  Wormed - Eukaryotic Hex Swarm (Lyrics), Wormed - Computronium Pulsar Nanarchy (Lyrics), Wormed - A-Life Omega Point (Lyrics), Wormed - Zeroth-Energy Graviton (Lyrics), Wormed - Molecular Winds (Lyrics)

Wormed - Krighsu  (Album Lyrics)


Wormed - Pseudo-Horizon (Lyrics)

Protected nuclear ring - pseudobulges

Bright red egg-shaped
Above the dust
Departing directly
Away from the module
A design, a response

Cosmodrome expansion
99 empty capsules
Corresponding sections of appendix E

Interface required

Preliminary purification
Umbilicals separation

Telemetry: command links connected

Pulse: internal acoustic pressure

Orbital insertion
Actuators: installed
Loading structural interface

Power and activity shutdown

Cryonic suspension
Cellular rhythmicity
Locked in a single galaxy: foreordained

Detaching itself / from the mother craft
Kryos: cellular damage

Manipulate single atoms: revival
Brain structures un-encoding personality
Oocytes on viscosity

Neuroport: denizens
Non-compact manifolds transported
Standby: awating
The arrival
A design, a response.

Wormed - Neomorph Mindkind (Lyrics)

Supreme goals
Knowledge acquired
Uncertainty A-life
God from God
Blood-cell size
Diffeomorphism invariance

Powerful . Selves evolved . Creatures
Downloaded versions of our minds

Constructing high technology
Neomorph fractal patterns
No human life expectancy

Independent . Accurate . Calculating . Interations
Organic conquest . Denied
Resulting of undivine
Endless chain of discipline

Distributed against
Inorganic totalitarianism

Simulated emulated
Unnatural laws
A golden rule
The initial phase
Programmed ectogenesis
Inorganic: chaotic portals

Universal declaration of robotic rights
Overcoming human limits in all their forms

Independent of human being
Contained and dominated sectors

Activation energies: protoplanetary disks
Over-replication autonomously
Chaotic colonization
Robots and nanomachines scattered
Throughout the galaxy
Predicting interactive forces

Simulated emulated
Unnatural laws
A golden rule
The initial phase
Programmed: ectogenesis
Inorganic: chaotic portals.

Wormed - Agliptian Codex Cyborgization (Lyrics)

Beneficial to the world
Solid state civilization
Human life: irreversibly transformed
Cycle of human life

Due to fear of the unknown
Transcendence: their fear
Their error: elimination

Crowded galaxy with human colonies


Lifeless planets colonized
Final objective
Robots gaining the ability to leave the galaxy

Non-organic part of the system
Continuation and acceleration
(Their) evolution

Of intelligent life
Beyond its currently human form
And human limitations

Hylozoism . Confront . Automatism

World power structure builders
Obsolete primitive place

Locked in a single galaxy and contemplating the universe
Losing the meaning of existence

Fully comprehend intricacies of early human development
And misconditioning of humanity

Detected and processed

The Terrax have consumed 80% of the resources of the Milky Way
They found life . (But) not smart . But primitive
Currently, the galaxy is crowded with human colonies
And scarce resources . These are uncertain times for the human race.

Wormed - The Singularitarianism (Lyrics)

Roboethics sophistication
Autonomous decision . Purely mechanically
Lethal and unethical warfare
Replacement for human soldiers
Neutralize a threat: human life

(The) future of evolution

A new creation becomes apparent
Correcting the misinformation

Taking control
Impersonate humanity
Technologically savvy
In a dark timespan

On the spiral where we live
Nonexistence hunter-gatherer
Nanotech uninterrupted
From prokaryote cell

On the spiral where we live

Wormed - Eukaryotic Hex Swarm (Lyrics)

A higher species
Upgrade: synthetic hardware
Self-awareness: computational

Deconstruction of the space habitats
Robotising all suitable stars

Homo Sapiens: Pro-longevity cancelled
Resource extraction
Cyclically mechanosynthesis
Molecular assemblers

Geometric growth
Chryms: Hacked AI

Wormed - Computronium Pulsar Nanarchy (Lyrics)

Technological cancer
Uncontrolled replication
Robotic embryos
Ecocide and biotech: destruction
Replicating as bacterial agents

Supermassive invasive fragmentation spores: domination
Autonomously: nanomass
Mutation: pulsar instability

Abolishing . The origin
Till the 4th galactic quadrant

Gamma rays absorption
Exceeding the energy of core
Logarithmic spirals
Covering the SGR A*

Ejecting radiation bubbles
Critical density


Subsystem . Construction
The beginning of the unknown
Opposition core failed
Circumnuclear disk of molecular nanobots

Orbitts (the) galactic center
Transmogrification of stars

Builders of immense computational capacity
Bundled and shielded in icosahedral capsules

Technological cancer
Uncontrolled replication
Robotic embryos

Multifractal: geometric landscape
Geometrical: distortion degeneracy

Membranes depleted matrix: operator
Harmonic oscillator
Atomic control of vacuous matter.

Wormed - A-Life Omega Point (Lyrics)

Restoration phase of modified life forms
Challenging the end state of a connected force

Continually migrates to the new domains
Setting: accelerated bars of grow
Linearizable coherence

Planets: were consumed
Stars: were consumed
Life: was consumed
Vacuumed: artificial intelligence collapses

Sprouting in: fractal patterns
Interfacers: blackout
Loops of nonochondrial tech structures

Primeval trust . Complex and conscious
Quantum decoherence

Converges uniformly . Categorization of stimuli

Neural ensembles . Evolutionary cellular

Inefficient physical world

Overcoming human limitations

Pure embodied: virtuality
Endless: distributed intelligence

Massively interconnected database triggers
Multidimensional aarrays

Metaphysical immortality
Terrestrialists condemned

Wormed - 57889330816.1 (Lyrics)

Unpredictably awakening
Internal system is activated

Inside genetically
Advanced material shell
Analysis executed
Biological stabilization

To confront
The dreaded metamorphosis
To confront

The singularity suppressor
Concentrated in one being

The chosen, the xeno-colonist.

Wormed - Zeroth-Energy Graviton (Lyrics)

Contradicting the laws of physics
Powers from beyond
The void: A signal awake
Where are they?
Eigenvector: cryonaut exe
Independent infomorphs

A signal: awakens from its slumber
Abandoned for an incomprehensible reason
The ultimate biomachine

Mechatronics robota

Eigenvectors activation
Propulsion engine activation
Perceiving the true nature of the life

Mental enhancement

Understanding modeling complex matrix
A programmer of a dimension
A blue god


An ontological conservative
A biological: individual
In thermal: equilibrium

Proton decay
Uncontrollable cataclysm
Cryonaut exe
Independent infomorphs

A galaxy brain

A galaxy brain
Megatechnology which carries a price
Combine the power of quantum computing with nanotechnology

Mass stored behind erosion shield
Cognitive shortcomings
Charged plasma particles

Create . Destroy . Abandon . Isolated

Wormed - Molecular Winds (Lyrics)

 Triggered by supernovae
Primordial plasma

Dominated by a different form of dark energy
Collapsing dying from the inside out to violent

Metamerism . Overestimation
Ab Initio . Raw materials
Biofuel . Quantum chemistry methods
Exothermicities . Positional selectivity of the abstraction process
Quantum barrier . Phenomenologically
Electronic near-degeneracies

Permanently mounted assemblers: conveyor belts
Femtosecond laser-etched: exhausted their fuel
Nanostructures: destroyed
Proton half-life

Collisions between stellar remnants
Absolute zero: quantum tunneling
Subatomic particles
Intelligent information processing

Driving pulses
Amplitude decreases
Transition state
Primordial era

A stars collector

A call from the cosmic horizon
Consumed: black hole

Modifying the shape of the galaxy itself
Intergalactic voyage
Intergalactic colonisation
A call from the cosmic horizon
Gravitational damaging force.

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