Detail from Assignment New Album, Closing the Circle

Detail from Assignment New Album, Closing the Circle, Detail from Assignment New Album Closing the Circle

Detail from Assignment New Album, Closing the Circle

Latest Announced Artwork: check out the Cover Artwork for a Progressive Power Metal band from Germany, Assignment, 4th studio album titled "Closing The Circle" to be released on July 22nd via MASSACRE RECORDS!

Guitarist and main songwriter Goran Panic about the artwork and the album: "Visually, its a logical continuation of the previous album "Inside Of The Machine" and corroborates the digital society.

Conceptually, the sci-fi genre is also part of the songs "Entering The Universe" and "Between Parallel Worlds": "The day mankind has to leave planet earth". Quite a few people believe that mankind originally came to existence somewhere in the galaxy, so everything would probably become a full, cosmic circle if they leave planet earth to return where theyve come from.

The albums title song metaphorically deals with the closing of circles as well, but more in an emotional, interpersonal context."

Final Cover Layout including bands Logo Style & Title Typography by CadiesArt.
01. Evolution        
02. Closing the Circle        
03. Presence of Death        
04. Genetic Slavery        
05. Crimson Poison        
06. Chemical Healing        
07. Variaxis        
08. Taste for Sin        
09. Entering the Universe        
10. Between Parallel Worlds
Assignment - Closing the Circle (Album Trailer):

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