Monolith Moon Leylines EP Reviews

Monolith Moon Leylines EP Reviews

Monolith Moon Leylines EP Reviews

Monolith Moon is Female Fronted Prog Metal from Portugal. This band has 1 EP titled “Leylines,” released independently on 2015. Leylines tracklisting: 1. Degeneration, 2. Stages of Mind Catabolism, 3. Moonlit I.Silentium Universi, and 4. Moonlit II - Fermi-Hart Recalculated.
Monolith Moon Leylines EP Reviews
Monolith Moon

1st track, Degeneration. Mid-tempo prog metal song. Keyboards Solo from 03:48 until 04:24, Jazz Guitar Solo from 04:24 until 04:50. The music like Dream Theater (Image and Words). 2nd track, Stages Of Mind Catabolism. Mid-tempo, Noisy Cymbal, Complex Guitar Lick, Harmonic Guitar Solo from 02:08 until 02:20, Male Harsh Vocals from 04:27 until 04:35, Guitar Solo from 04:46 until 05:10, and Whispers on the Last Part. Mid Tempo Prog Metal Song with Beauty and the Beast Vocals. Mid-tempo, but Complex.

3rd track, Moonlit I.Silentium Universi. Jazz Guitar Intro, Ambient sound, Noisy Cymbal, Changeable Tempo, Beauty and the Beast Vocals, Synth Solo 1 from 04:12 until 04:32, and Synth Solo 2 from 06:03 until 08:16. This’s Avant Garde Metal. 4th track, Moonlit II - Fermi-Hart Recalculated. Noisy Cymbal, Jazz Guitar Lick, Intro during 4 minute 21 second, Catchy Keyboards sound, and Twistle sound on the last Part. This’s Longest and Complex Track on this EP.

1st & 2nd track are Prog Metal and 3rd & 4th track are Avant Garde Prog Metal. This’s not Progressive Metal, but this’s Avant Garde/Progressive Metal.
Score: 100%, Masterpiece.

Monolith Moon -  Degeneration:

Monolith Moon - Moonlit I.Silentium Universi:

Monolith Moon:

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