Reviews: Derdian – Revolution Era

Reviews: Derdian – Revolution Era

Reviews: Derdian – Revolution Era

Derdian is a Symphonic Power Metal band born in 1998 in Milan, Italy. Its music is the fusion between symphonic orchestrations and heavy guitar riffs and drums which give the band a unique identity. After two demos: "Revenge" (2001) and "Incitement" (2003), in 2004 the band signed its first agreement with Steelheart records and recorded the debut album “New Era pt.1". In 2006 Derdian was contacted by the American label Magna Carta that proposed an agreement for two albums: "New Era pt.2- War of the Gods" and "New Era pt.3- The Apocalypse". In 2013 the band decided to leave the fantasy genre and to deal with the most current issues of the human society and "Limbo" is the result of this new approach and it had such a broad international consensus that won a distribution contract in the East with the Japanese Spiritual Beast. In 2014 the band released its fifth studio album "Human Reset" which is also distributed in Japan by Spiritual Beast. In 2015, after participating at some international festivals such the Italian Total Metal Festival and the Made of Metal in the Czech Republic, after the split with the singer Ivan Giannini, the band began working on his first greatest hits titled "Revolution Era" with the participation of internationally renowned artists as Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear), Fabio Lione(Rhapsody of fire, Angra), DC Cooper(Royal Hunt), GL Perotti (Extrema), Terence Holler (Eldritch) and many others.
Reviews: Derdian – Revolution Era
Derdian and Guest Musicians
1st track, Overture. Just a catchy Opening Song. Like listening an Opera Choir in Renaissance Age. 2nd track, Burn. Catchy Guitar Lick on the Intro, Solid Guitar Chord, Crowded Vocals on the Reff part, and Catchy Guitar Solo. Fusion between Symphonic Melodic Power with Renaissance Age Music.

3rd track, Beyond the Gate. This song it’s very Classical, especially on Guitar and Keyboard. Vocals on this song it’s too unique, Heavy and Soft on the Reff Part. 4th track, Battleplan. Sick Neoclassical Guitar Solo, and some Progressive element.

5th track, I Don't Wanna Die. This track more easy than previous tracks, and this’s Neoclassical Heavy Metal. Amazing Heavy Metal song on this album with Male Harsh Vocal & Male Clean Vocals. 6th track, Screams Of Agony. Cantus of the Agony with Catchy Symphonic, Neoclassical Guitars Lick and Neoclassical Keyboard sound.

7th track, Lord of War. This’s Rhapsody of Derdian. Beautiful Symphonic, Good Choir and Catchy Guitar Solo. 8th track, Forevermore. Ballad metal song featuring Elisa C. Martín. Elisa C. Martín vocal is Heavy and this song has a great composition. Great Guitar Solo and Sweet Keyboard Solo.

9th track, Eternal Light. Catchy Neoclassical Guitar Lick, Neoclassical Keyboards, Catchy Reff, Catchy Symphonic and Great Guitar Solo. 10th track, The Hunter. Some “Overture” part on this song, and Keyboard Solo after Guitar Solo.

11th track, Black Rose. Just a Heavy Metal song with Classical Music Influence. 12th track, Incitement. European Power Metal Music with Japanese Power Metal Vocal. Stately Symphonic and Great Guitar Solo.

13th track, New Era. This song very fits with Elisa C. Martin vocal and this’s most Amazing Keyboard Solo in this Album. 14th track, Cage of Light. Most Neoclassical track on this album.

This’s Revolutionary Power Metal Album on this Year. Buy Now this Album, here.

Score: 100%, Masterpiece.

Derdian - Burn :

Derdian - Lord of War:

Joe Caggianelli - Vocals (backing) (track 2, 5)
Elisa "Lisy" Stefanoni - Vocals (backing) (track 2)
Fabio Lione - Vocals (track 7)
Ralf Scheepers - Vocals (track 10)
Damnagoras - Vocals (track 4)
Henning Basse - Vocals (track 2)
Andrea Bicego - Vocals (track 11)
Elisa C. Martín - Vocals (tracks 8, 13)
D.C. Cooper - Vocals (track 5)
Apollo Papathanasio - Vocals (tracks 1, 14)
Mark Basile - Vocals (track 6)
Terence Holler - Vocals (track 8)
Gianluca Perotti - Vocals (track 3)
Roberto "Ramon" Messina - Vocals (track 9)
Leo Figaro - Vocals (track 12)

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