Reviews: Carnal Decay – Promo 2016

Reviews: Carnal Decay – Promo 2016

Carnal Decay comeback with their new matery, “Promo 2016.” A Demo released on July 1st, 2016 via Rising Nemesis Records. Carnal Decay is Vocals: Michael Kern, Guitar: Isabelle Iten, Bass: Nasar Skripitskij, and Drum: Markus Röthlisberger. This's reviews of Carnal Decay – Promo 2016.

1st track, No Sequel. Brutal Death Metal song with Thrash Metal Guitar element, Noisy Cymbal and Blasting. Brutal Death Metal song with some chant made this song is awesome. 2nd track, Freed from the Leash. Without chant, made this song more Brutal than 1st track.

Breakdown parts on this Promo made us will headbang our head and however, this's surprise from Carnal Decay since their last Album On Top of the Food Chain (2011).

Brutal Cover Art and Brutal Composition. 7 minutes Brutal.
Score: 90%
Carnal Decay:

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