Reviews: Darkestrah – Turan

Reviews: Darkestrah – Turan

Reviews: Darkestrah – Turan

From Wikipedia “Tūrān (Persian توران) literally means "the land of the Tur", and is a region in Central Asia. The term is of Persian origin and may refer to a certain prehistoric human settlement, a historic geographical region, or a culture. The original Turanians were an Iranian tribe of the Avestan age.

Reviews: Darkestrah – Turan
Map of Iran and Turan in Qajar dynasty drawn by Adolf Stieler.

In ancient Iranian mythology, Tūr or Turaj (Tuzh in Middle Persian) is the son of the emperor Fereydun. According to the account in the Shahnameh the nomadic tribes who inhabited these lands were ruled by Tūr. In that sense, the Turanians could be members of two Iranian peoples both descending from Fereydun, but with different geographical domains and often at war with each other. Turan, therefore, comprised five areas: the Kopet Dag region, the Atrek valley, the eastern Alborz mountains, Helmand valley, Bactria and Margiana.

A later association of the original Turanians with Turkic peoples is based primarily on the subsequent Turkification of Central Asia, including the above areas. According to C. E. Bosworth, however, there was no cultural relationship between the ancient Turkic cultures and the Turanians of the Shahnameh.”

1st track, One with the Grey Spirit. Preceded with Atmospheric & Crows sound, Turkic folks instrument and Turkic dialect spoken words. Clean Black Metal Guitar Riff, Dry Black Metal Scream, Changeable Drums beat, Excellent Atmospheric and Excellent Violin sound. Made this song as Good Opening. 2nd track, Erlik-Khan. Mongolic Woman voice, Birds sound, and Ambient element on the earlier part. Mid-tempo Atmospheric Black Metal song with Mongolic Folk chant, some Symphonic and Crows sound on the last part. Ambient, Mid-tempo, Mongolic, and Dark.

3rd track, Conversions of the Seer. Catchy Guitar Riff, Atmospheric, Excellent Symphonic and Changeable Drums beat. A spoken word part made this song is like a gods revelation. 4th track, Gleaming Madness. Started with Mandolin sound, Atmospheric, Throat vocal and Folk instrument. Throat, Turkic, Noisy, Atmospheric and Kvlt.

5th track, Bird of Prey. I just wanna say “This's Coldest and Most Atmopheric song on this Album.” Accoustic Guitar lick from 04:03 until 04:30 made this song so Great. Cold Ambient continued on the next track. 6th track, The Hidden Light. Continuation of the previous song. Accoustic Guitar Lick, Throat Voice, Ambient, and Drum sound like a War Drum (from 00:42 until 01:29). Changeable composition + Excellent Violin made this song as Great Ending Song.

Conclusion: Turanian Black Metal Album. A Legend of Turan story on Black Metal Version.

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