Reviews: Defeated Sanity - Disposal Of The Dead / Dharmata

Reviews Defeated Sanity - Disposal Of The Dead Dharmata

Reviews: Defeated Sanity - Disposal Of The Dead / Dharmata

The album is supposed to represent two separate EPs compiled onto a full-length album. The two EPs carry a different musical style unique to one another. Disposal of the Dead features the band's less technical and heavily brutal style of death metal and Dharmata is "an homage to old school progressive death metal [and] venturing into more avant garde territory." Artwork (Disposal of the Dead) by Jon Zig and Artwork (Dharmata) by Kahori Takeda. Vocals on (Disposal of the Dead) by Konstantin Lühring and Vocals on (Dharmata) by Max Phelps.

1st track, Remotio Mortuorum. A psychedelic opening and thrashed. 2nd track, Into The Soil. The Vocals like a Monster with evil Drum beat. Dark Guitar Riff and Low made this song so dark. 3rd track, Consuming Grief. Gravity Blast Beat on the early part, Low Guitar Riff and Deep Growl. A Brutal Gloomy song.

4th track, Generosity Of The Deceased. Drums not brutal like 2nd and 3rd track. But, from 01:29 Drum to change more brutal and solid like a machine gun. Guitar Strident from 02:56 until 02:59 made this song some Psychedelic, although just 3 seconds.

5th track, Suttee. A solid song, although only 02:53. Some Technical Dath Metal Guitar Riff & Thrash Metal Riff, Changeable Tempo, and Guttural. 6th track, The Bell. Groovy Bass Lick, rather Technical Death Metal Guitar Riff, and some Epic Cymbal. Some Guitar part like a Space sound and this song have a some Progressive element.

7th track, Dharmata. Just Instrumental Progressive Metal song. 8th track, The Mesmerizing Light. Heavy Bass Lick, Changeable composition and Vocal like Schuldiner. Dislike Disposal Of The Dead tracks, Guitar Riff on this song not Low and Dark. Even this song have a some Clean Guitar part.

9th track, At One With Wrath. A song to offer an abstract composition. Changeable tempo and some Jazz element made us slightly tipsy. 10th track, The Quest For Non-Existence. Harsh Vocal and some spoken words. This song is Avant Garde Dath Metal. Jazz part from 01:49 until 02:12 and amazing Jazz Guitar Solo. Outro of this song continued to “Return To Samsara.” 11th track, Return To Samsara. As longest track on this Album. This song to offer Geniust composition and some Psychedelic. Catchy Fretless Bass, Changeable Drum beat and Complex Guitar Lick & Jazzy. Made this song as Great Ending.

Disposal Of The Dead is Low, Dark, Brutal and Grinding. Dharmata is Avant Garde. Disposal Of The Dead to offer Brutal music, Dark composition, Low and Heavist Riffs. Whereas Dharmata to offer Avant Garde Death Metal.

Started with Brutality and Darkness of “Disposal Of The Dead”. And ended with Magnificent of “Dharmata”.
Score: 100%

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