Reviews: Leftyfish – You, Fish!

Reviews: Leftyfish – You, Fish!

Leftyfish, You, Fish. Insane EP from Gudeg City (Jogjakarta). Leftyfish are Andi Wahyu Purbono on Drums, Fransisca Ayu on Vocals, Halim Budiono (Cranial Incisored) on Guitars, and Keke Ode Naomi on Saxophone.


1st track, You, Fish!. 70% Clean Vocal, 30 Harsh Vocal, Abstract and Avant Garde.
2nd track, Code Name – Mosquito. From Jazz to Chaos and from Chaos to Jazz.
3rd track, End Up On The Screen. Shorter Avant Gardecore song. Soft Rhytm of the Chaos.
4th track, Trees. Shortest Avant Gardecore. An insanity astonished.
5th track, Flowers. Abstract Composition, Jazz, and Groove Metal Guitar.

Brilliant debut. Chaotic, Grinding, Hardcore, and Avant Garde. First time hear this EP make me speechless. This EP really insane. Order here NOW.
Score: 99%


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