Reviews: Skaldborg - Всеми забытой тропой

Reviews: Skaldborg - Всеми забытой тропой

Reviews: Skaldborg - Всеми забытой тропой

Всеми забытой тропой is EP debut from Ukraine Folk Metal Legion, Skaldborg. This EP talk about Songs from debut EP are about the beauty of nature, and about the feelings in the stuffy and noisy cities, the desire to escape, to feel yourself more alive. Maybe a little longing for something unrealized.

Reviews: Skaldborg - Всеми забытой тропой

1st track, Пробуждение леса (Awakening of the Forest). Birds Voice, Excellent and Catchy Violin sound. 2nd track, Весна (Spring). Angelic Female Voice, Mixed Male Voice (Harsh and Clean Vocals), Catchy Accordion, Violin Solo from 02:53 until 03:14. Good song without Guitar Solo. The Male Clean Vocals like Hansi (Blind Guardian).

3rd track, Всеми забытой тропой (Following Forsaken Trail). Heavy Bass sound, Violin Solo from 01:27 until 02:02, Noisy Cymbal, Male Vocals chant: “Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Heyyyyyyyyyyyy.” Female Vocals more dominant on this song. 4th track, Обезьяний пир (Monkey Feast). Middle Eastern Element, Beauty and the Beast Vocals, Noisy Cymbal, Blasting from 03:54 until 03:58, Heavy Bass sound. I just wanna say: “Ukrainian Middle Eastern.”

“The Songs of The Angels and Nymph.”
Score: 95%


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