Detail from Taiga New Album, Sky

Detail from Taiga New Album, Sky, Detail from Taiga New Album Sky

Detail from Taiga New Album, Sky

Co-release by Satanath Records' sub-label Symbol Of Domination with United By Chaos: new album ‎"Sky" of Russian atmospheric/depressive black metal band Taiga out on September 16th, 2016!

Project founded by two musicians from Tomsk, a Siberian city. They are Nikolai Seredov from the thrash metal band "Стахановцы" (Stakhanovtsi) & the funeral doom metal band "Funeral Tears", and Andrey Chernov, guitarist of "Panzertank", military/martial industrial metal band. In December 2013 the first two songs, "За чертой" and "На битом стекле", marked the beginning of the project. People suffering from mental disorders caused by public misunderstanding, undivided love and their own weakness are the main characters of the lyrics of the band Taiga. In the hope to overcome their depression and hopelessness, they try to do something, but fall on the ground losing remaining strength. They turn in on themselves and completely lose the connection with this world, not understanding where life and death are. January 18, 2014 the first EP of Taiga called "Ты всё ещё дышишь" (You are still breathing), which met with a mixed reception was released on the Net. At the same time, a new full-length album was in progress. Little later, February 14, 2014, the team once again pampered their fans with a new EP "Прах к праху" (Ashen to Ashen), that got more positive feedback than the first one due to the new sound. At the same time the, work over the debut album ends, and the new tracks are sent to record label. March 29, 2014 the debut full-length album "Ashen Light" was released. It includedthe tracks from the first two EPs in new arrangement and new works. The album was released on CDs on the record label Satanath Records together with labels Metallic Media and and Le Crépuscule Du Soir Productions. In early April, 2014 a music video for the song from the album "Ashen Light" called "Вернуться на землю" (Back to earth) was filmed. May 2, 2014 the single "Прошлого шрамы" (Scars of the Past) appeared on the Net. Another single "Мечта" (Daydream) was released on May 24, 2014. In 2015 released second album "Gaia" by Symbol Of Domination and Metallic Media. In 2016 band joined Aleksey "Satanath" Korolyov as keyboards/ambient sounds to make mystic atmosphere. Worth adding that Andrei Chernov did not leave the group, although not involved in the recording of the new album.

Album line-up:
Nikolay Seredov - Drums, Bass, Guitar, Vocal
Aleksey Korolyov - Keys
Detail from Taiga New Album, Sky, Detail from Taiga New Album Sky

New release "Sky" - this is the third "Taiga" full-length album by the project. The album tells the story of those moments of life, when people are aware of their own insignificance and can not overcome the emotional pain, uncontrolled lust fills the mind, desires, being driven into the cage, and loneliness as a guard, does not allow the soul to get out. Insight's crazy, every new day in the world is like torture, and people in the hope of turning their eyes to the sky.
Detail from Taiga New Album, Sky, Detail from Taiga New Album Sky
Cover Art
Трек-лист / Track-list:
01. Intro
02. Признавая ничтожность
03. Картины забытой боли
04. Вверх
05. На коленях
06. Небо ещё не погибло
07. Похоть
08. Надежда
Длительность / Length - 58:51

Taiga - Небо ещё не погибло:  

Taiga - Вверх: 

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