Interview with Ovaryrot, Brutal Death Goregrind

Interview with Ovaryrot, Brutal Death Goregrind, Interview with Ovaryrot Brutal Death Goregrind

Interview with Ovaryrot, Brutal Death Goregrind

Form Metal Archives: "Brady is from the United States and Ulf is from Sweden. Split up on September 7th 2011 but was reformed in Spring 2012." Ovaryrot gave us some information about theirselves. Check it out.

Introduce us to Ovaryrot?
Brady: I'm Brady. I play, write, and record guitars and program synths for Ovaryrot.
Jon: My name is Jonathan Paxton and I am the vocalist for Ovaryrot.
Ulf: And I’m Ulf, drummer of Ovaryrot.

What are lyrical themes of Ovaryrot?
Brady: We tend to dwell on the extremely negative aspects of life from more of an existential standpoint. I think of it as the darkest moments one can endure amplified. I'm everything that we do, I think we strive to push ourselves, the band, and music in general.
Jon: Lyrical themes for Ovaryrot are rather diverse and always expanding. I do not attempt to limit myself in any way. I would say the general direction is darkness, cruelty, intensity, uncompromising and genuinity. A key factor for me is if I start feeling as though I do not want to use certain lyrics due to wanting to erase them from my mind entirely, in which case I will most certainly use those for our music. Thus far I have written about murder, suicide, rape, depression, psychosis, hallucinations, phobias, hatred, many taboos, personal experiences and a lot about my stance on what I think of mankind and life itself. A lot of if not all that I write for Ovaryrot when I look back upon to read them, I do not recall ever writing those words. It feels as though someone else has written them.
Ulf: I’ve never involved myself with the lyrical concepts as far as writing goes for Ovaryrot, but I’ve always appreciated the themes that we cover. I feel that we go beyond just simply just writing about horrific concepts and instead go for something that feels quite genuine. Also, before Jon joined the band (he do so when we started experimenting with more “unconventional” styles on “Deform”) we did not use lyrics, but I personally feel that the addition of Jon’s lyrics really added something extra to the mix.

What are your influences?
Brady: That's an extremely broad and ever fluctuating spectrum. Musically, while we all share the common ground of extreme metal in all of its forms, we're a rather motley group of listeners. For example, lately I've been listening to a lot of Tom Waits, The Cure, Type O Negative, and a plethora of first-wave screamo, post-hardcore, hardcore fusion acts in the vein of Orchid. We draw a lot of influence from our own struggles, as well as other art mediums. The news always tends to infuriate me, for example.
Jon: Influences for myself range quite vastly in regards to the sound I want to achieve as a vocalist. As far as genres go, I listen to as well as the subgenres of a lot of witch house, death metal, grindcore, mathcore, hardcore, indie, psychedelic, synth wave, electronica, experimental, noise, ethereal and more but I think that about sums it up. As far as influential vocalists go, I really like the sound and power of vocalists such as from Full of Hell, Knife the Glitter, Primitive Man, See You Next Tuesday, Circle of Dead Children, Arsonists Get All the Girls, Daughters, Fear Before, Heavy Heavy Low Low and honestly I think more but I can't think of any more primary influences at the moment. Beyond music with screaming though I feel that I am quite inspired by vocalists such as earlier Grimes music, Salem, Soko, Thirty Seconds To Mars, Bjork, Interpol and Deftones. I get inspired or influenced by much more though especially when there is a lot of emotion, drive and or ambition behind any artwork.
Ulf: As far as musical influences it’s (just as Brady and Jon already covered) very diverse and broad. I see no point in restricting oneself to listen to just one style or to just accumulate one type of inspiration from a source that is too similar to what I’m currently playing. I can’t really pinpoint any specific drummers that has played (or that plays) a big part in how I play drums. Also, I’ve never taken any lessons (which in hindsight would’ve been a good idea since learning basics is always good), but I don’t really feel that it’s necessary. I’ve played with people before who are very caught up in music theory and while that is all good, I feel that those people have been very restricted by certain “rules” and “regulations”.

How do you think your music will progress in the future?
Brady: It's only going to grow in spectrum and scope. I think we all value musical evolution. If you listen to our music from our earliest demos up until the latest tracks we've done for a yet to be released split with KLIT, not a single one of our releases sound exactly the same. I think we're all pretty proud of that.
Jon: Honestly I can't say for sure how our music will progress over time. If anything, it seems that our music becomes more so engulfing and encompassing with each new release. Overall though we are pretty open minded into however our creations end up sounding.
Ulf: Hopefully we will keep pushing ourselves for each and every release. At times it takes time for us to pump out a new release due to personal matters, and while that was difficult to understand when I was younger, I’ve grown more patient since this band has been a big part of my life for so long.

Are there any countries you’re interested in touring or performing in? Why?
Brady: Any and every place on the map if given the chance. I'd just enjoy the opportunity to perform this music with two of my best friends to anyone who wants to see us perform.
Jon: I think it would be cool if we were able to both play and tour in Sweden as well as the United States. To come full circle so to speak.
Ulf: Whenever (it will, one way or another) that will happen it would be nice to play more or less anywhere. It doesn’t really matter how big or small the venue is as long there is a possibility to express oneself.

What bands would you like to play alongside?
Brady: Any band out there, really. I wouldn't give a shit if we were touring with fucking boy bands. I'd love to meet other musicians and listen to what they're putting out there.
Jon: Any of the ones I listed as my influences and inspirations would be pretty sick.
Ulf: More or less any band out there. Genres doesn’t matter to me personally as long as they are decent people who are genuine and believe in what they do.

Any last words?
Brady: Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy our stuff. We'll keep doing this like we have for nearly a decade.
Jon: Thank you for the taking the time to read this and to everyone that likes and supports our music.
Ulf: Thanks for the opportunity.


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