Interviews with Hostis, Death/Thrash Metal Band from Montenegro

Interviews with Hostis, Death/Thrash Metal Band from Montenegro, Interviews with Hostis Death/Thrash Metal Band from Montenegro

Interviews with Hostis, Death/Thrash Metal Band from Montenegro

Hostis is Death/Thrash Metal Band from Montenegro. Srdjan Misovic, gave us a bit more information about Montenegro Metal scene, and Hostis. Check it out.

Can you tell us about Hostis?
Hostis was founded in 2010, and its line up is made of current members of Montenegrin Abhoth : Srđan Mišović (vocals) , Miloš Klikovac (guitars) and Aleksandar Dragojević (bass guitar). Lyrical themes of Hostis are based on social issues , mostly against political and religious dogma and indoctrination and media manipulation. Four songs have been uploaded on youtube channel. Recording of a full/length simply called Hostis was started in autumn 2014 and was finished in summer 2015. The whole album has 6 tracks of crushing thrash/death metal with occasional melodic parts. Most of the solos were recorded by Stefan Stanišić (Goblin Zeppelin), and album also features guest solos of Luka Milošević (Deadly Mosh, Istrulity) and Dušan Mlađenović (Alister), bands from Serbia. Album was produced by Nikola Radovic (Placid Art). Hostis has released its full length album that lasts our for Swiss label Miner Recordings on 10th of August.

What are your influences?
There are many old-school thrash metal bands that I’ve drawn inspiration for our music from, primary from bands like Sodom, Sepultura, Slayer, Onslaught, but there are also many nowadays bands like Toxic Holocaust, Hellcannon, Decease that I've looked up to. The melodic parts were mostly influenced by later Kreator, as well as many doom/death bands I've listened to.

Can you tell us about metal scene in Montenegro?
"There is a brotherhood of metal bands, based in Podgorica, which consists of : Abhoth, Zaimus, Hostis, KK Street Bangers and Goblin Zeppelin. Abhoth is another band of mine, existing since 2006 and playing atmospheric death metal, and and we've released self-titled EP in 2014 via Satanath Records, Darknagar Records and Grotesque Sounds Prod. Zaimus is a black metal band which has released their EP "Under The Unholy Spells Of Night" in 2009 as self released CD, and later via Cold Raw Records. KK Street Bangers is a thrash metal band and they have released an EP entitled "Street Rotten Thrash Derby" by themselves n 2010. and Goblin Zeppelin is a stoner/groove metal, they have finished their full length album called "Burn the Idol". There are also some younger bands, and I'd also mention Rikavac from Bar, a Thrash/Death/Black Metal band which has released their EP entitled "Rika se Čini" in 2015. and band called Neman from the same town, which is currently recording their EP.

Are there any countries you’re interested in touring or performing in?
Unfortunately, Hostis is only a studio project for now, because we have no time to perform live due to our jobs and obligations. Also, the band has no drummer. But it's possible that some day we might perform live if we find a whole line up, and then we'd gladly perform everywhere we're invited as long as some basic conditions are fulfilled.

What does the future hold for New Album?
If Hostis continues to exist, which I hope it will, new album is going to be much more brutal with eventual blast beats and scream vocals included.

Any last words?
Thank you for an interview, and thanks to all those who support us.

Hostis Discography:

- Hostis (2016) 


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