Reviews: Hagbard - Vortex to an Iron Age

Reviews: Hagbard - Vortex to an Iron Age

Reviews: Hagbard - Vortex to an Iron Age

Vortex to an Iron Age 2nd full length album from Brazilian Symphonic Folk Metal Band. This album released on May 1st, 2016 via Heavy Metal Rock.

1st track, Intro. A sweet intro and happiness. 2nd track, Never call the sage to drink in your home. Harsh vocal with splendor symphony. A glorious atmosphere. 3rd track, Bridge to a new era. Some blast, splendor composition and catchy clean vocal on the reff part. 4th track, Iron fleet commander. The song of the explorer. Growl, Cleand and Glorious.

5th track, Last blazing ashes. Soft composition with female vocal like an angel. 6th track, Death Dealer. Beauty symphonic with folk sound and Growls vocals, although some a clean vocal. I think, Symphonc Folk Death. 7th track, Relic of the Damned. Melodic and Epic. Cheerful choir on the Reff part and folk instrument on this song made this song it’s so Epic. 8th track, Inner Inquisition. Folk, Symphonic & The Beauty and The Beast Vocals. Keyboard tones it’so Catchy.

9th track, Deviant Heathen. The excellent symphonic, simple Guitar Solo and Growls vocals. Good song not must complex. Symphonic on this song made it’s excellent. 10th track, Shield Wall. A War song. Melodious and Excellent Symphonic. 11th track, Outro. A Good Ending.

The Beauty of the Monster. Beauty, Folk and Symphonic.
Score: 98% 


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