Reviews: Parius – Saturnine

Reviews: Parius – Saturnine

Reviews: Parius – Saturnine

Parius, The Underground Melodic Death Metal from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA Lyrical themes about: Mortality, Sc-fi. Saturnine is Debut Album of Parius.

1st track, Doctor Device. Good Opening. The Modern Guitar Licks and Solid Double Pedal blast out ear. 2nd track, Galactic Termination. Heavy Guitar Riffs and enjoyable tempo. The Guitar Solo is simple and Good. 3rd track, Grave Of The Firegod. Harsh vocal on this song is better and Guitar Solo on this song is Good. Like In Flames.

4th track, Mannequin Soldier. The Guitar Solo is Complex, and Fast. This song talk about The perfect undying soldier, The soldier of One horrific eye place in the forehead. 5th track, Archaic Diabolical. Some Diminished part and Complex Guitar Solo. 6th track, Saturnine. Brutal Drums beat and Technical Melodic Lick.

7th track, Confined. Brutal Drums beat and some breakdown. The Guitar Riff and Solo is Dark. 8th track, Lake Laogai. Opening with Great Guitar solo. The Guitar Lick on this song is Easy Listening. 9th track, Progression Through Violence. Shortest song on this Album. But, the Guitar Lick is so Catchy.

10th track, The Silence Of The Sirens. Mid tempo modern metal with easy listening composition. The Guitar Riff like In Flames. 11th track, Fresh Graves, Old Tombs. Some Heavy Bass sound made this song so Groovy. The Guitar Riff is Low, Groovy, and Heavier. 12th track, Dark Horizons. The breakdown little more than 7th track, so that this song a bit Metalcore. Great Guitar Solo on this song.

The Music is similar like The Black Dahlia Murder, although have some In Flames influence. They’re Clone of The Black Dahlia Murder.
Score: 91%

Reviews: Parius – Saturnine


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