Reviews: Persona - Elusive Reflections

Reviews: Persona - Elusive Reflections

Reviews: Persona - Elusive Reflections

Elusive Reflections, 1st Full Length Album from Tunisian Alternative Metal Band, Persona.

1st track, Somebody Else. Alternative Metal song with Middle Eastern Folk element. Keyboard solo and Guitar solo corroborate the Folk element. 2nd track, Blinded. Jelena Voice is so elegant. Good composition and catchy, made this song is so beautiful.

3rd track, Forgotten. Started with Middle Eastern Guitar Lick. Guitars on this song rather Groove Metal, although some soft guitar parts. Elegant voice and Groove Guitar. Beauty and Heavy. 4th track, Halley. Elegant song with Heavy Guitar Riff and Melodic Synth.  

5th track, Ageless. Excellent Melodic Metal song. 6th track, Torn. Not Metal, it’s Rock.  But, Not Bad. Rock song about: Hurt.

7th track, Monsters. Mid tempo song, but the tempo change to fast on Guitar Solo part. Harsh Vocal part to explain the Monster anger. 8th track, He Kills Me More. Longest track on this Album. Elegant, Heavy and Dark. Spoken Words on this song made this song so Dark.

9th track, Persona. Started with soft intro and ended with soft outro. This’s heaviest and powerful track on this Album. Although Heavy, but Jelena voice is elegant. 10th track, The Sea of Fallen Stars.

Alternative Metal with Symphonic and some Middle Eastern element. This the Beauty of Modernity.

Score: 95%


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