Reviews: Synlakross - Death Bullets For A Forajido

Reviews: Synlakross - Death Bullets For A Forajido

Reviews: Synlakross - Death Bullets For A Forajido

Death Bullets For A Forajido, 2nd Full Length Album from Synlakross. Inspired by the Wild West. The album is available in digipack edition with a very careful design created by the vocalist,
Patricia Pons. Check our reviews. Check it out.

1st track, Attack On Train.  Started with Train sound. Guitar Riffs like In Flames, Mixed Vocals (Harsh and Clean) on  Reff part and Simple Guitar Solo. 2nd track, Curly Wolves. Melodic Death Groove with chant. Some Breakdown on the last part made this song little Metalcore.

3rd track, Billy The Kid. Metal after gunshot sound. Vocals on this song is variative and Great. From very harsh until very pop. 4th track, Death Valley. 60% Clean and 40% Harsh with some Vocoder effect. Guitar lick on this song like Children of Bodom and simple Guitar Solo. Clean vocal on this song more dominant.

5th track, Just One Shot. Clean vocal and Harsh vocal is 50:50. Mid tempo song with some Electronic and Symphonic song. Groove Rhytm and simple Guitar Solo. Just One Shot, just simple.
6th track, Gold God. Harsh Chant: “Gold 16x.” Heavy Bass lick from 01:14 until 01:17 is so Groovy. Acoustic Part on this song from 02:31 until 02:44 made this song is so easy. Groovy song although without guitar solo.

7th track, Shadow Lady. Greatest track on this album. Progressive, Groove and Folk. 8th track, Shooting At Dawn. Catchies Guitar Lick. 9th track, Cimarron. With some electronic element and changeable tempo, but without Guitar Solo. Sing like Angel and Witch. 10th track, Bleeding Kansas. Good Ending song, 90% Clean and 10% Harsh. This song not ‘Melodeath’ like previous tracks, but this’s Melodic Heavy Metal.

The Vocalist sing Like a Witch, but in otherside she’s sing like an Angel. Patricia Harsh Vocals remembering us to Angella Gossow (ex-Arch Enemy) and Guitar Riffs & Licks like In Flames. Breakdown on some tracks, made this album have a Metalcore element. And Synthesizers sound on some tracks made this Album so Modern, although lyrical on this album speak about historical period and charactersand also about obsessions and fears of today that are the same of the old west. This Album Recommended for Arch Enemy and In Flames fans.
The Angel and The Witch of Melodeathgroove.

Score: 98%
 Synlakross - Curvy Wolves:


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