Interview with Hounds Of Bayanay, Folk Metal Band from Russia

Interview with Hounds Of Bayanay, Folk Metal Band from Russia, Interview with Hounds Of Bayanay Folk Metal Band from Russia

Interview with Hounds Of Bayanay, Folk Metal Band from Russia

 Hounds Of Bayanay / Псы Байаная is Folk Metal Band from Yakutsk, Skha Republic, Russia Federation. Hounds Of Bayanay / Псы Байаная are Vyacheslav Sivtsev - Bass, Georgiy Grigoryev - Drums, Alexandr Yakovlev - Guitars, Aytal Osipov - Guitars and Aina Keres - Vocals. Alexandr Yakovlev gav us some Information about Hounds Of Bayanay / Псы Байаная. Check it out.

Tell us about Hounds Of Bayanay?
Idea of creating HOB came spontaneously, originally we wanted to play black metal on sakha language just for fun. But our very first instrumental was not so black metal) and suddenly a girl (Ayaana our first vocalist) came for audition.
She wrote great folklore lyrics and so song Horseborn was born. Her singing that included clear and extreme vocals was jaw dropping, so we decided to stay in that way. After changing some band members, we added a male vocals, but the main role stays with female vocals.

What are lyrical themes of Hounds Of Bayanay?
Sakha mythology, national folklore, nature.

What are your influences?
Immortal, Cholbon, Aytal, Rammstein, Slipknot

Can you tell us about Metal Scene in Your Town?
It is carried only on enthusiasm of people who loves metal and musicians themselvs. Gigs are not so frequent, but they are great.

Who are Your Favorite Russia Metal Band?
Aq Bure

How were the songs written?
While guitarists and drummer sharing ideas about music and recording a demo, bass guitarist is writing lyrics.

How did the recording process go?
All the recodrings are made in garage)

What are you future plan?
Release an album, and then who knows) continiue as usual

Are there any countries you’re interested in touring or performing in? Why?
Norway, because of black metal ))) But to be serious, we want to visit Europe, because of great Metal Scene of course.

What bands would you like to play alongside?
Never thought about it.

Any last words?
Stay heavy \m/

Hounds Of Bayanay / Псы Байаная:

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