Interview with KOB, Thrash Metal Band from Croatia

Interview with KOB, Thrash Metal Band from Croatia, Interview with KOB Thrash Metal Band from Croatia

Interview with KOB, Thrash Metal Band from Croatia

 KOB is Thrash Metal from Split, Croatia. KOB are Frane Bašić - Bass, Josip Perica - Drums, Ivan Radić - Guitars, and Petar Mijić - Vocals. KOB gave us some information. Check it out.

Tell us about KOB?
The idea of forming band started in 2013., 2 years of playing covers at concerts in our homeland Croatia and changing the lineup brought us here, with one recorded heavy/thrash album of our own songs.

What are lyrical themes of KOB?
Main themes of songs are superficiality and emptiness of todays society, but also some personal stuff about treason of people that were very close to us, and by that here comes the answer to them with songs which tell you to stand up and fight 'till you achieve your goals neverminding the bullshit of envious people. So by listening to album you can come across a lot of motives of revenge, justice and punishment. We also included mystic creature of Sirius who symbolizes something unknown, something out of this world and time, and that could give us hope for better tommorrow.

What are your influences?
All of us listen to different genres of rock and metal, but when we talk about influence, bands that made us want to learn to play the instrument each of us is playing now we can all agree about Black Sabbath, Dio, Misfits, Anthrax, Megadeth,Overkill...

Can you tell us about Metal Scene in Your Town?
To be honest Metal scene doesn't exist in Split, there are few older bands that made one album and are now at some shitty underpayed job while their guitars collect dust or they play at weddings. You have one club that has 2 metal concerts in year and that's it! The problem here is that rock and metal music are considered alternative music so if you have festival you will probably hear one metal, one soft rock, one indie rock and one pop rock band. And don't get us wrong, its not like there is no metalheads in Split, it's just the support of the media and organisators that keeps doing that.

Who are Your Favorite Croatian Metal Band ?
Đubrivo, Stimulans, Ultimatum and Speedclaw. (It's almost all that exists* in Croatia)

How were the songs written?
We always came u first with riffs, solos, drums...basically the instrumental was first. Then we all just sit down and listen what we hear song tells us itself, how it makes us feel, you now? And then vocal and drummer start writing with their lyrical side and we all discuss what to add or change.

How did the recording process go?
The recording was hard not to lie. But mainly because we started it recording in November last year with another vocal and he was not up to task so we had to find better replacement. It took most of our time to find the vibe with new vocal and basically doing it all over again with writing 7 new lyrics. But process at the studio was lasting all in all just few days cause we came in prepared and our recorder Dado Marušić from studio Deva was ready to guide and help us at any time.

What are you future plan?
Recording and making merchendise was all of our own cost, we are still in dept. So in future we would want to be able to make all of that without worying if our jobs will bring enough money to make it. Of course we would like to tour all over the world and make money of this thing that we love doing. But for sooner future we would like to sign for record label and get our name and music out there.

Are there any countries you’re interested in touring or performing in? Why?
We would be glad to play anywhere where people want us to hear, and its probably not Croatia haha But we would be happy to play in Germany cause we think it's metal supporting country.

What bands would you like to play alongside?
We would be glad to play alongside Anthrax and Skull Fist esspecialy, but in general we would be grateful to play alongside every other thrash or heavy metal band.

Any last words?
Listen to our album let us now sincerely what you think about it. We appreciate every comment.

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